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Epic Access[edit]

Alright! Now I'm a Level 21 Fighter! I'm going to take Holy Strike for +2d6 damage against evil enemies and... wait, couldn't I have gotten that at level 4 with a decent sword?

Anyone who has played an Epic campaign should have been able to see the disadvantages of the [Epic] feats. Some feats are fantastic (extra item space, level 10 spells and such), but some of them just suck. We're talking stuff like Damage Reduction, which gives DR 3/-. Or Improved Darkvision, which doubles a person's Darkvision range... honestly, this is stuff you could hand out for free way before level 20. So how do we remedy that? We change the requirements.

All Epic feats are no longer [Epic] feats. Many of them have changed prerequisites, and some are abolished altogether. Now you can take any of the feats like regular feats, with some exceptions--some feats have level minimums, and some are abolished altogether. Any feat that has prerequisities which interfere with the level minimum (Dragon Wild Shape requires 6/day Wild Shape, 30 Knowledge (Nature) ranks, and Wis 30. The level minimum is 17, and the first two prerequisities make the minimum arbitrarily higher. So they no longer exist as prerequisites. The 30 Wisdom score, however, is attainable, so it stays on).

Level Minimums: Level 2: - Epic Expanded Knowledge - Spell Knowledge

Level 4: - Bane of Enemies - Holy Strike - Unholy Strike

Level 7: - Death of Enemies - Epic Fortitude - Epic Prowess - Epic Reflexes - Epic Toughness - Epic Will - Improved Sneak Attack (prereq 4d6 sneak attack) - Reflect Arrows

Level 10: - Distant Shot - Fast Healing - Storm of Throws - Swarm of Arrows

Level 11: - Automatic Silent Spell - Exceptional Deflection - Improved Manifestation - Negative Energy Burst - Planar Turning - Zone of Animation

Level 15: - Autmatic Quicken Spell - Bonus Domain - Infinite Deflection

Level 17: - Dragon Wild Shape - Epic Skill Focus

Removed Feats: - Item Creation Feats (they shouldn't exist anyway) - Epic Leadership (integrated into regular Leadership) - Epic Spellcasting - Improved Heighten Spell - Improved Ki Strike - Improved Spell Capacity - Legendary Commander - Multiweapon and Two-Weapon fighting feats - Spellcasting Harrier (In [Tome] games)

Feats to be Dealt With: - Rage-based feats - Combat Archery - Devastating Critical - Improved Death Attack - Improved Manyshot - Improved Whirlwind Attack - Intensify Spell - Magical Beast Companion - Magical Beast Wild Shape - Multispell - Overwhelming Critical - Great Fortitude - Shattering Strike - Vorpal Strike

Bard feats should be given to Bards for free...

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