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Enhanced Magic's Goal[edit]

All in all the D&D world is not balanced but it also makes very little sense. A master of arms shouldn't need to drop every single feat into a single category to be good. Now with the Races of War sourcebook many people will find it a joy to play warrior type classes again as they added simplicity, versatility and output. However the new melee variant books also add an additional dimension to the problems of D&D; Namely that problem is there is very little reason to play anything else and the warrior classes emerge at the forefront of every encounter. How many people do you know that would really consider the idea of d4 hit points and extremely limited amounts of burst dps to be equivelent to what your average fighter is capable of producing with these updated rules?

The answer to the question is not many. The reason people are willing to play classes other than fighters is simple: you give up certain perks (hit points, armor use, or base attack) and in exchange you can usually either contribute slightly higher damage or unique abilities through spells (either damage or healing.) Is this a fair trade off? Well I ask a different question, if you are producing damage on par with a wizard with pure physical damage why would you decide to go the route of less than half the hit points and no armor to speak of when you can be just as deadly in full plate?

We also find that since feats advance as the character gains power that the fighters are on top once again as only the combat leveling feats were ever actually completed. This book once again shifts the casters ability in such a way that he won't need to worry about being completely outclassed by the fighters of tomorrow.


Chapter 1: War in D&D

How to Survive in War centered campaigns

Chapter 2: Playing Unusual Races

Unusual Races
Powerful Races

Chapter 3: Spellcasting classes

Base Classes
Prestige Classes
Multiclassing Characters

Chapter 4: Magicians with Style

Character Backgrounds
The Failure of Feats

Chapter 5: Advanced Spellcasting

Low Level Spell Casting
Permanent Effect
Options for Magic
Suggested Course

Chapter 6: Equipment

What to Maximize
Items to Consider

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