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A cord of incredible draw power, adds double damage to bows, shortbows and crossbows. The String can be crafted with a successful roll of 35, with 150 gold in components. It can also be bought for 1500 gold in town. These strings can be woven together, enhancing their power, but at a severe cost.

  • 1 string: strength required 15
  • 2 strings: strength required 20
  • for strings past 2 strength required increases by 10

Adding extra strings requires magical intervention to bless the strings with additional power. A spellcaster of level 30 can accomplish this with a roll of

  • 20 for one additional string
  • 30 for two additional strings
  • +15 for each string past two

With this, few spellcasters can endow a weapon with too immense of damage. That is not to say it is impossible, only that it will require far more than average means to accomplish.

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