Enervate Spell-Like Ability (3.5e Feat)

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Enervate Spell-Like Ability [Metamagic]

This feat allows Characters with spell-like abilities to enhance one according to one of their ability scores.
Prerequisite: Character level 6, Spell-like ability gained through either a feat, Racial Ability or class feature.
Benefit: This Feat allows a character or monster with spell like ability to enhance one spell-like ability with the bonus from one ability score (int, wis, or cha only)to each die of damage 3 times a day. This feat can be taken multiple times, but must be taken for a diffrent spell-like ability each time. This feat also adds the bonus provided to the DC of the save if any. Example 6th lv Warlock uses this feat with her eldtrich blast, Normally she would do 6d6 dmg. Her Cha is a 22, which would give her a +6, so with this feat she would do 6d6+36 dmg instead.
Normal: The spell-like ability does normal damage.
Special: This feat can only be used with two other spell-like ability feats at a time, in the above example the same warlock could not use maximize, empower, boost, and mortal bane at the same time. She would only be able to use 2 of the above with it. This feat also affects dice added by other feats, such as boost and empower.

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