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Elysium Knight[edit]

You have died, but that wasn't the first step. Whatever you did in your life, it got the attention of a Deity above all others. The Eternal Creation. Usually your life must have been one of great interest and internal struggle, but with you overcoming the darkness to be a servant of the light.

When you died you were pulled from your desired afterlife and given three choices by the Eternal Creation: You could have remained in his world, the Empyrean Realm, as an honoured citizen of the ivory afterlife. You could have been returned to your mortality, without most of your skill but alive to re-attempt your existence. The final choice was to become an Elysium Knight, one of the warriors of Empyrean. You would be granted understanding and skill, but you would have to earn your place in the multiverse.

You chose the latter. You have struggled through the period of observation, when you have been invisible and intangible to the mortal planes. Forgotten. And you have arisen a follower of the Eternals and an infinitely more interesting person

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and Insight

Tool Proficiencies: An Artisan tool of your choice

Languages: Celestial and one of your choice

Equipment: An ornate simple weapon, a trinket that bears the Eternal Creation's mark, the Artisan tool you are proficient in.

Previous Life[edit]

What aspect of your life garnered attention from one of the most elusive and unknown deities in the multiverse?

d4 Previous Life
1 You were born to a certain evil aligned family or order, but you decided to fight against your heritage
2 You were once faithful to a particular deity, but found corruption in their teachings or actions and fought to change their ways
3 Your career choice was fraught with unusual, but interesting choices. Such as a criminal druid or honest rogue
4 You studied the divine, seeing discrepancies in the texts. You eventually, by your own means, discovered the existence of the Eternals

Feature: Wider Knowledge[edit]

With your meeting with the Eternal Creation a subsequent inter-planar travel you have a greater understanding of how reality works, this means that you can recall information from other, maybe entirely different, dimensions. This might be greater understanding of races and their origin, or foreseeing possible cultural or technological changes. You also know how to find other Elysium Knights; their counterparts, the Night Stalkers and general worshipers of the Eternals.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 My time spent forgotten has left me quite lonely.
2 I often make obscure references to other universes that no one knows.
3 I may have a few screws loose from not fully grasping the gravity of my situation.
4 I prefer to watch from the sidelines, I have already done it for so long.
5 I never stop talking about what I've seen.
6 I have the social skills of a brick.
7 People seem to just ignore me, It's not too much of a problem.
8 My time spent in different cultures and times mean that I often forget what questions are appropriate.
d6 Ideal
1 Legacy. My travels have taught me the value of how we are remembered (Lawful)
2 Betterment. I have seen pure good and full evil. I know I can be better, I have seen it (Good)
3 Domination. I have the knowledge of galaxies, Why shouldn't I rule? (Evil)
4 Traveler. I enjoyed travelling the multiverse, I hope I get the same thrill here. (Neutral)
5 Duty. I was chosen for a reason, I must prove myself to the Eternal Creation (Good)
6 Life. I don't care what I did, I'm alive again. Not many people get a second chance. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 All my family and everyone I knew are dead now.
2 I don't and won't believe the existence of the Eternals. I can't...They can't exist.
3 I occasionally get visits from Cosmos, asking for favours.
4 My worst enemy is like me, I must find him.
5 I miss a world I visited when I was 'forgotten', I dream of returning someday.
d6 Flaw
1 I often assume others have the same knowledge as I.
2 I think those who don't believe in the Eternals are idiots.
3 I always hide away from conflict.
4 I always rush into help others, even if it could kill me. Again.
5 I get angry when people don't believe my stories.
6 I'm addicted to danger, probably due to my reincarnation, I believe I'm immortal.

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