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Wild Elves (Ayleid)[edit]

Wild elves roam the wilderness as primitive nomads, upholding a sorcerous tradition rather than an wizardly one. they are one of the original three elven subraces, and they claim to be the last 'true' elves.


Wild elves think in terms of predator and prey, and of life and death. they view outsiders with suspicion, and are fierce allies.

Physical Description[edit]

Wild elves are around five and a half ft tall, and weigh around 120 lb (males and females are the same height and weight). they generally have black hair, green eyes, and brown skin. however, there are variations. like all elves, they have pointed ears.


Wild elves are suspicious of 'civilized' folk, and get along best with other races that live in the wilderness. of all the elf subraces, wild elves get along best with wood elves.


Wild elves favor the same alignments as high elves.


Wild elves are nomads, and almost exclusively live in jungles and temperate forests. they build shelters of skins and wood.


Wild elves often pay homage to various nature spirits, although some worship a nature deity such as Ehlonna or Odab Hai. some also worship Correllon Larethian.


Wild elves speak a primitive form of elven and common, and often know sylvan as well.


Wild elves acquire names similarly to the way high elves do.

  • Male: Braxyn, Ariodel, Elentas, Kasten, Raith.
  • Female: Atimla, Eera, Maetesi, Frethav, Vanasta.

Racial Traits[edit]

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