Elven Duelling Sword (Pathfinder Equipment)

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Exotic, one handed

Cost: 115 GP Damage: 1d6 (small) 1d8(medium)

Critical: 19-20(x3) Weight: 6 lbs Type: S or P

Special Qualities: Blocking

Description: A two and a half foot long sword with a slight curve to the blade, it is sharp along the outer edge and the final six to ten inches of the back of the blade. While shorter than the curve blade and less heavy hitting, making it a poorer choice for the battlefield and therefor less commonly seen outside of Kyonin, this weapon had a better thrusting point and a strong spine, as well as a balance point closer to the guard, making it quicker on the defense. The Elven dueling sword, as the name implies is primarily a weapon meant for settling matters of honor, and is therefor commonly relatively ornate while still being functional, the price listed is for a simple, utilitarian version made from good steel with a broad cup and crosspiece style guard, and a leather and wire wrapped pommel.

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