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Physical Description[edit]

By Sandara

An elftaur is to a centaur what an elf is to a human. They generally are not as muscular as the centaurs are, but have the body of a horse from the waist down like the centaur. Their horse half generally comes in common horse colors, like brown or white. Their elf half closely resembles an elf, with the only real difference being that their ears are slightly longer and much more visibly pointed (think Hyrulean.)


Elftaurs were created when a group of elves happened upon a herd of traveling centaur and mated. It was supposedly while they were trapped in some predicament that forced them to mingle and discover their feelings for one another. When the storm had passed, they were quite scared at being ostracized for what they had committed and so fled together. They ran away to a safe place where they could raise the fruits of their love. Eventually these young went out into the world, tired of being secrets kept by their parents. However, they remain suspicious of and do not go near centaur or elf settlements. Their parents warned them that they were prone to being killed by the two pure races if they were discovered.


Elftaurs as a race are a few centuries younger than centaurs, and also considerably rarer. They are treated much the same as centaurs, as they share several anatomic likenesses. People deride them for being too free-spirited, the same spirit which drove them to leap out from hiding. However, unlike regular centaurs, they have an ethereal grace about them, contrasted with the typical brutish centaur. Thus, they are a bit more welcome to societies than centaurs, though they are still quite something to stare at in general.

Elftaur live in herds like centaur and party like them as well. However, they are not as wild as the regular centaur, who may go and steal a couple of ladies from humans. Elftaurs keep away from the two parent races, fearful of the consequences of their existence. With other races, they are rather amicable and sought for skill. People will often take archery lessons from them or hire them to be mounts.

Elftaur Names[edit]

Elftaurs have been known to use either elf names or centaur names.

Male: Aberonn, Dathrin, Halorn, Lennimos, Trellin

Female: Athron, Cielia, Dawn, Fileron, Larenos

Elftaur Traits[edit]

An elf centaur.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores each increase by 1.
Age. You mature at the same rate as humans and can live to be up to about 500 years old, thanks to the longevity provided by your elven half.
Alignment. Elftaurs tend to chaotic alignments.
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet.
Fey Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic cannot put you to sleep.
Darkvision. Accustomed to twilit forests and the night sky, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Hooves. Your hooves are natural melee weapons, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.
Elftaur Weapon Training. You are proficient with the longsword, longbow, shortbow and shortsword.
Charge. If you move at least 30 feet straight toward a target and then hit it with a melee weapon attack on the same turn, you can immediately follow that attack with a bonus action, making one attack against the target with your hooves.
Equine Build. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push or drag. In addition, any climb that requires hands and feet is especially difficult for you because of your equine legs. When you make such a climb, each foot of movement costs you 4 extra feet, instead of the normal 1 extra foot.
Rideable Anatomy. You can willingly serve as a mount for a Small or Medium creature. In such a situation, you are independent and not a controlled mount.
Hybrid Nature. Your creature type is both humanoid and fey.
Languages. You can read, write and speak Common and Elvish.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Elftaur Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6′ 0″ +2d6 1050 lb. × (2d6) lb.

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