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Elf bean coffee: Sumtanian Elves make many fine wines and potent liquors but it is their coffee that makes them famous. There are numerous accounts of foolhardy traders mistaking it for regular coffee. Highly valued by those non elves who want to enjoy Sumtanian elf alcohol it also seems to have some anti venomous qualities.

It costs 3gp for a small cup of this beverage or 250gp for a pound of ground and roasted beans. There are 100 cups worth in a pound of the coffee and coffee houses that sell it have special Sumtan spoons for measuring it out.

Drinking the coffee causes you to make a DC 20 Fortitude Save against poison. If you succeed then you ignore the penalties. The save increases by +2 per cup drunk in an hour. If the number of failed saves in an hour ever equals your con score you must make a fort save of a DC equal to the DC for drinking an extra cup or drop to -1 hp as you suffer from the cardiac effect of caffeine overload. Drinking approximately four units of alcohol neutralizes each cup (literally neutralizes it, it reacts with the alcohol) removing the DC increase. It also works the other way, so it is possible to sober up by drinking elf bean coffee. It does nothing for hangovers however.

Those who drink the coffee gain a +2 alchemical bonus against ingested poisons for two minutes. Those who fail the save also take a -2 penalty on their dexterity for one hour. This stacks and is manifested by a shaking motion. They also become more talkative and take a cumulative -2 penalty on checks and saves to avoid disclosing information.

When using these rules then it is treated as a -40 PR.

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