Elemental Shield, Lesser (3.5e Spell)

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Elemental Shield, Lesser
Level: Duskblade 1 (Redux)
Components: Verbal, Somatic
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature Touched
Duration: 1 Round/Level (D)

You enclose yourself in a shield of elemental energy that does not harm you and conforms to the shape of yourself and any equipment you are wearing. You can breathe normally and cast spells while the shield is present. Any creature striking you unarmed, or with natural or melee weapons deals normal damage, but at the same time the attacker takes 1 point of elemental damage per caster level. Reach weapons, such as longspears, do not endanger their users in this way. The Duskblade determines which kind of elemental damage they wish to do when casting the spell. If you are in a grapple, other creatures in the grapple takes elemental damage once per round at the beginning of their turn. This shield does not stack with Elemental Shield or Elemental Shield, Greater.

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