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Elemental Plane of Order[edit]

In the world of Nibiru law and order are a little more than alignments, they have manifested as elemental forces. In much the same way that the Positive Energy Plane and Negative Energy Planes are indirectly associated with Good and Evil, likewise the Elemental Plane of Order and it's counterpart, the Elemental Plane of Chaos, are associated with Law and Chaos without actually being aligned in nature.

The Elemental Plane of Order is just as inhospitable as any Inner Plane, perhaps even more so. For the danger comes not from blazing fire or crushing earth, but from the very lack of activity in the world, and the suppression of time itself. Those who step onto the plane beware, for you wilk slow and slow until you stop, becoming as unmoving as the rest of the crystalline landscape.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Normal gravity.
  • Time: Slow time. One round on the Material Plane is one day in the Plane of Order. Also see the Slow Time effect of the plane.
  • Size: Infinite.
  • Morphic: Static.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: None.
  • Energy Dominance: None.
  • Alignment Trait: None.
  • Magic Trait: Enhanced magic. The Slow spell, Sepia Snake Sigil, Hold Person, and other spells which directly impede the movement of others are both enlarged and extended (as if the Enlarge Spell and Extend Spell metamagic feats had been used on them, but the spells don’t require higher-level slots). Spells and spell-like abilities that are already empowered or extended are unaffected by this benefit.
  • Magic Trait: Impeded magic. Any spell which directly accelerates the speed of creatures and aids in moving is impeded, including teleportation spells (except for extraplanar movement like Plane Shift).

Plane Links[edit]

The plane is linked to the Astral Plane and the Scar Plane.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Order Elementals are the only real living creatures here, but their lives are so sedentary one may mistake them for part of the environment.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Combat and movement would work the same way as it does on the Material Plane, with exception of the flow of time. The plane is under an effect of Slow Time, where everyone is treated as if they were under a Slow spell. Those under a Haste spell are treated as being normal. In addition it is home to a much more serious condition for those who stay here an extended time, the Crystallizing.

Upon entering the plane you must succeed on a DC 10 Will save, or undergo the quasi-disease effects of Crystallizing. Every day you spend on the plane increases this save by +2. Those who fail are 'infected' and must make Will saves instead of Fortitude saves. A successful save, post infection, will prevent the disease from progressing. However you need three consecutive saves to clear yourself of Crystallizing, and you remain immune after that until you leave for at least a month. See below at the Table: Crystallizing, for its effects.

If you leave the plane while infected, you remain infected but it only takes 2 successful saves, and the save DC no longer rises. The save DC remains the same for you unless you spend at least a month outside of the plane. The DCs reset after that amount of time.

Crystallization, while acting like a disease, is a planar trait and thus is not hampered by immunity to diseases.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The landscape tends to consist of plains mostly, with crystallized objects found on the fields at regular patterns and intervals. Seen from afar, the plane appears to be a fractal landscape, endlessly repeating images in mathematical perfection. Everything is grayed out and have a frosted glass/crystal appearance to it, and the air itself seems thick and sluggish. Objects hang in mid air, and if you had an eternity to yourself you'd see them slowly fall to earth in the slowest of motions.

Plane Links[edit]

The Astral Plane links to the Plane of Order as per all normal Elemental Planes. Sometimes it brushes against the other Inner Planes, forming quasi-elemental planes of odd natures, like slow burning fire or slowly disintegrating negative energy spots.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Order Elementals dislike intruders coming in and changing their beautiful, unmoving world. Their movement and discordant activities are enough to drive Order Elementals into fits of furious anger, enough to make them get up and move themselves, if only to stop the chaos from spreading.

Alternate Variances[edit]

There may be safe zones scattered about the world where the Plane of Order brushes against other, normal time planes. These safe zones are still possessing the Slow effect but do not eventually stop and crystallize its victims.


Table: Crystallization
Stage of Infection Infection
Failed a Will save -2 Dex damage, and -5 to movement speeds*.
No longer can move Metabolism drops, subject no longer needs to eat.
7 days after no movement Subject crystallizes, can no longer interact with the world.
  • The Dex damage is ability damage, which can be restored as the normal methods. However the reduction in movement will not be restored by anything short of leaving the plane, or recovering from the 'disease'.

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