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Elemental Plane of Death[edit]

The Endless pathways seem to go on forever... and nothing ever looks exactly the same, but you could swear you have been walking in circles. You drop a copper on the ground... and then you carefully take paths that go forward... yet you find your copper again. You take out your compass... and watch as it spins around. You are lost... and the paths seem to take you in circles.

That's right you're in a cursed plane, or maybe it is a rift in time, perhaps a spell... whatever the reason you've got to find your way through the darkness, until you can find the focus, the pillars of death. Upon which you will find inscribe in every language... to be free kill death... after the player reads this a manifestation of death will appear. (tending to look like a grim reaper) "Death" cannot be charmed, sleep, be confused, be surprised, or be morphed. Death's attacks have an eerie tendency to hit... in fact unless you dodge death always hits. In a given round death will only attack 25% of the time, Death has 50hp and no damage reduction of any kind, but magic blades function as their normal counter parts (a flaming broadsword is the same as a broadsword). Death's attacks are a swing of his great scythe which deals 1-12 damage, or a basic elemental burst (fire, ice, water, or earth). Upon death's demise, the pillar will vanish and a lodestone will be found there(though it cannot be identified).

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity is the same as the previous plane (before entering the plane of death).
  • Time flows irregularly, Time seems to flow normally, but characters inside this plane will never age, except by magical means.
  • The plane has several sizes, from 230 feet by 260 feet, to 230 miles by 260 miles.
  • Players can morph or do whatever as if they were on the material plane.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • All death related spells work better here, functioning at 200% effectiveness. While all Life related spells are dismal here, having only 50% effectiveness.
  • Necromancy works well here, and divine magic basically fails. (200% and 50% respectively)
  • All Evil or Chaotic characters tend to reveal their true desires while in this plane, tending to go off on their own while all Good or Lawful tend to lose their faith, and become hopeless, eventually losing their alignment. (1% per day [day two would be 2% and so on], chance that an evil/chaotic goes berserk OR a good/lawful becomes neutral.

Plane Links[edit]

All planes can connect with this one, however players can only return to the one that transported them there.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

The only inhabitants are other lost people and those who prey on them.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Regardless of weight or effects, all characters move at a speed of 30 feet base speed, and can travel 10 miles in a day.

Features of the Plane[edit]

It appears to be a type of maze (Tunnels, Walls of hedges, A building, etc), the paths double make on each other in a magical way, without the character noticing that they have been transported.

Plane Encounters[edit]

The only things to encounter are other lost ones, and the minor incarnation of death at the end.

Alternate Variances[edit]

Feel free to design a tricky path for your players to wander through.

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