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Elemental Creature (Water)[edit]

Elemental creatures are native to the Elemental Chaos, but they have more in common with the constructs known as Helmed Horrors than with their bestial brethren.Vaguely resembling the form of the base creature, this creature serves powerful primordial entities as well as various elemental lords and princelings.
     Those who originate from the elemental plane of water appear to be creatures made entirely out of sculpted water, while some have their form bound into tighter cohesion by armor made from seashells and worked coral as hard as any metal, along with fish-scale armor unique to that particular plane. Water creatures are all natural swimmers, and infuse acid into their weapon attacks.


Any creature that is not a celestial, construct, elemental, fey, fiend, ooze, or undead


Type. The creature's type is changed to elemental.

Speed. The creature gains a swim speed equal to to the higher of its highest movement speed, or 30 feet.

Damage Vulnerabilities. If base CR is 4 or lower, the creature becomes vulnerable to cold damage.

Damage Immunities. The creature becomes immune to poison damage.

Damage Resistances. The creature becomes resistant to acid damage. If base CR is 5 or higher, the creature also becomes resistant to bludgeoning damage.

Condition Immunities. The creature becomes immune to the exhaustion, petrified and poisoned conditions.

Senses. As base creature, plus 60 ft. darkvision, unless the base creature already has equal or better darkvision.

Languages The creature understands Primordial

Alignment The creature's alignment is changed to 'any alignment'.


All Traits. As base creature, removing traits that rely on organic flesh, organs, or internal functions.

Elemental Weapons. The creature's weapon attacks are magical. When the creature hits with any weapon, the weapon deals an extra amount of acid damage based on its CR (included in the attack). 1d6 at CR 1/8-1/2, 1d8 at CR 1-3, 2d8 at CR 4-6, 3d8 at CR 7-9, 4d8 at CR 10-14, 5d8 at CR 15-20, 6d8 at CR 21+.

Innate Spellcasting (Only if base creature already has spellcasting). The creature can cast the following spells using its existing spellcasting ability, requiring no material components (These are added to the base spellcasting creature's existing list of spells):

At will (any CR): shape water
1/day each (Only at CR 6+): maelstrom, wall of water, watery sphere

CR Calculation[edit]

Recalculate the creature's CR with the following considerations:

  • Vulnerability to cold damage (if applicable).
  • Resistance to acid damage (plus bludgeoning resistance if applicable).
  • Immunity to poison damage.
  • Elemental Weapons trait.
  • Extra spells from Innate Spellcasting.

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