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Greater Deity
Home Plane: Prime Material Plane, Plane of Shadow, All Elemental Planes
Alignment: Lawful Good then Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Evil, Cruel, Arrogant
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Death, Vengeance
Favored Weapon: Eldrith's Sword


Eldrith was once a human mortal who served as the greatest general in Baldur's Gate. She fought many battles, until one day she and the Company of the Westering Sun were ambushed by the orcs and goblins of the Black Horde. Eldrith and her soldiers were outnumbered but eventually managed to scatter the enemies. Eldrith's army followed the creatures into the gorge and trapped them, hoping they would have the advantage, but the orcs and goblins viciously attacked and cornered them, soon outnumbering them five to one. Eldrith sent one of her messengers to Baldur's Gate to ask the Grand Dukes to send reinforcements. When the messenger got back to the battle he told Eldrith that the Dukes refused to send anymore soldiers because so many were dead and the civilians did not want anymore death. So the now maddened Eldrith had the remnants of her scattered army to march on the city of Baldur's Gate and attack, eventually the soldiers of Baldur's Gate chased her to the Marsh of Chelimber where they gave her a cowardly execution with a hail of crossbow bolts, fearing her ability in melee combat. In Eldrith's last breath she cursed Baldur's Gate, forming the Dark Alliance. Sometime after the soldiers left the marsh Eldrith rose again from its waters as a powerful Greater deity, fueled by anger. Many creatures now gathered under her mighty Dark Alliance, as she promised them kingdoms of there own and the destruction of Baldur's Gate. Also shortly after her resurrection, she created the Onyx Tower by binding the four Elemental Planes with the Plane of Shadow and used it as a way to make Shadow Gates to move soldiers around Toril. Eventually three adventurers wandered into the wild, found her Onyx Tower and made their way up it vast floors, eventually getting to Eldrith's Watch where they confronted the Goddess and defeated her. In her last breath she told them she was sorry for her actions and would not rise again to challenge Baldur's Gate, and with that her tower crumbled and she returned to the Plane of Shadow.


Eldrith encourages her worshipers to destroy anything that poses a threat to them, be it humans, elves, there own allies, anything. She also demands her worshipers conquer as much land as they can, even if it kills most of them, she wont care, Eldrith has vast amounts of loyal soldiers under her banner ready to fight for her cause. The few rebel followers that there are call her the spider of doors, because she creates Shadow Gates to move troops around the land and eventually conquer all kingdoms in Toril.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Eldrith does not have many temples, because most people have forgotten her, even some of her followers who serve her out of thought that she is some holy goddess do not know her. The few temples she does have are within the Marsh of Chelimber, the main one being the Sunken Chapel. Her worshipers include vampires, drow, undead, bugbears, beholders, dragons, kobolds, goblins, golems, giants, trolls, and a whole manner of other evil creatures.

The Onyx Tower[edit]

Ony Tower.gif

The Onyx Tower was a nigh impregnable fortress created by Eldrith shortly after her death by fusing the four Elemental Planes with the Plane of Shadow. The tower contained many horrid creatures and abominations such as golems, gargoyles, elementals, archons, and giant spiders within its windowless expansion. The only way to enter the tower would be to walk down the water stair and swim through a winding tube like structure, although this would be impossible unless the creature entering did not have to breath or was using a water breath spell. The tower had many floors, but the most important of these was the Black Forge, The Hall of Remembrance, and Eldrith's Watch. The Black Forge was where the deadliest weapons that a mortal could ever wield were created, and also where the mighty Onyx Golem that protected Eldrith dwelled. The Hall of Remembrance was used as a prison for the spirits of Eldrith's old army who desperately tried to escape their tomb, and finally Eldrith's Watch was where Eldrith waited and looked out upon her vast armies that prepared for war against Baldur's Gate.

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