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There have been many discussions of this archetype and where it hits some stumbling blocks. I really like the archetype but now that I am playing one I can see the sticking points with it. I thought I would gather many of the common complaints about this archetype and try to tweak it just enough to get it back on track. It was not my intent to make something overpowered, I simply wanted to address the issues I see that others have complained about as well, while keeping to what I believe the original intent was as much as possible (warning: there will be some deviation from the perceived intent). I am also going to stick with the concept that this is a fighter who has a splash of magic.

To avoid copy write infringement I will only detail the changes I would make to the original feature.

Issues to be addressed

1. I have seen a lot of discussions about being able to cast while using a sword and shield or two weapons. Being a fighter archetype I cannot imagine that the intent was to limit the weapon style of the fighter. Fixing this issue would put that discussion to rest and allow for a more diverse set of build options for this archetype.

2. The spell school limitation has also been a point of frustration. the EK is already limited by the number of spells known, available spell slots, and spell level progression, which I have no issue with because they are a fighter. However, most characters do not go from level one to twenty, so realistically as the EK is currently set up for most of their effective career they are only going to see level one and level two spells and maybe two spells from any school. This means they need to make the most use of their level one and level two spell slots as possible and as has been noted the abjuration spells available at level two are a bit underwhelming, and while it would be fine to take evocation spells they are not the best use of spell slots for someone whose primary focus is martial combat. As you are currently allowed to take a few spells of any school, it cannot be said that any of the spells from the wizard list are considered overpowered for this archetype of the levels they have access to.

3. There have been some discussions about the eldritch strike ability and if the disadvantage on the save applies to spell effects that the EK had previously applied to the creature. Allowing the EK to try to keep their spell effects going round after round so long as they hit makes sense to me. I believe the original intent of eldritch strike was to help the EK facilitate the use of spells that require a saving throw despite having a lower intelligence score, so in that perspective it would make sense, and would be fun.

4. Improved War Magic has been described as ok, but lack luster for a level 18 archetype capstone ability. There has also been some discussion about the war magic feature gained at level 7 being good when paired with the scag cantrips if you can trigger the secondary effect, but that it becomes less effective when the fighter gets their 4th attack. I am going to try to tweak improved war magic as little as possible to make it less lack luster. What I detail below makes it a better option with a scag cantrip if you can trigger the secondary damage than using the sword and shield style of combat, or the two-handed style of combat, and a slightly better option if you are using two weapons. The one caveat with the two-handed style is if it is paired with great weapon master feat and you can successfully hit the target then the two-handed style would be better but that is ok.

Spell Casting

No Changes


No Changes

Spell Slots

No Changes

Spell Casting ability

No Changes

Spells known

Remove the restrictions for what school the spells they pick can come from

Bonded Weapons

Add: Can also be used as an arcane focus

Eldritch Strike

Add: Does apply to spell effects that are applied by the Eldritch Knight before the weapon attack

Arcane Charge

No Changes

Improved War Magic

Modify: makes two attacks as a bonus action instead of one. This applies to both cantrips as well as spells cast

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