Eldeen Reaches Burns (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for 13 Far, Barrakas[edit]

Eldeen Reaches Burns!!

by Humgrove Fintelstien, Halfling in the Know ____________________________________________________________________

Acres of Forest lie in Ruin After Horrible Forest Fire Ravages Unchecked

ELDEEN REACHES -- A vast stretch of the Eldeen Reaches was devestated by a fire late yesterday afternoon. At least a hundred acres or more lie in ruin this day, members of many of the regions Cleric and Ranger organisations were on hand to lend aid to whatever may have survived the deadly blaze. One of the members of the 4 Seasons was on hand to give this statement. "We are investigating all possible angles as to what may have caused the blaze and why, swift retribution will be had to whomever was responsible for this atrocity." We will keep on reporting any new answers in future editions as they arrive.

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