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So. Let's Build Eirika.


Fighter. Eirika in her game is a lord. Lords use swords. She's a Fighter. Take Dueling and at level three, Duelist. This will increase finesse and 1-hand damage, as well as crits. Scores are 12 15 14 11 10 13 For stats.


Choose Human Variant. Add 2 points to Dexterity.


Take studded leather armor, 2 rapiers, and an Explorers Pack. If you throw in a shield for the heck of it, her AC is a 20 before spells at level 6.

Level up[edit]

Increase dex at Lv4, and 1 point at Lv 6, putting the other in Constitution. Ask your DM if you can change the other scores for an increased critical chance.


Take noble for canonity.

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