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creatures forsaking their planar origins to become super-planar creatures.

Eidolons Are creatures who, by their own choice or by being summoned into being by another Eidolon, forsake their home plane to become an entity of all planes, and of no planes. Often Times creatures are motivated by some extra-planar force to make this step, and other times it is out of duty to some Eidolon. Regardless of reason, Eidolons trade much for their amazing power, but the reward is often worth the price.

Eidolons are split up into two factions, and these factions are split into three tiers. The Two Factions are Lawful and Chaotic. There are the Lawful Eidolons who wish to bring harmony to the Planes, while there are also Chatic Eidolons that wish to bring chaos to all the Planes. This generally sprouts from whatever intention led them to become an Eidolon. Likewise, an Eidolon who was previously of an unintelligent race, but was summoned into Eidolonhood by another Eidolon, adopts it's summoner's Alignment and therefore, it's faction. summoned Eidolons generally become servants of the summoner Eidolon.

The three Tiers of Eidolon are Greater (hereafter referred to as Tier 1), Lesser (hereafter referred to as Tier 2), and Common (Hereafter referred to as Tier 3). The Tier an Eidolon belongs to is generally decided by previous intelligence and Hit Die. This distiction is generally up to DM discretion. The Tier to which an Eidolon belongs effects it's abilities scores and special abilities.

Creating an Eidolon[edit]

A creature (hereafter referred to as the base creature) becomes an Eidolon by being granted the power by a Greater Eidolon, or by sheer force of will. sometimes other cercumstances can produce Eidolons, as well.

A creature whose HD is less than 10 Becomes a Tier 3 Eidolon.
A creature whose HD is between 10 and 16 becomes a Tier 2 Eidolon.
A creature whose HD is above 16 becoems a Tier 1 Eidolon.

Size and Type[edit]

Eidolonic Creatures belong to the Outsider Type once they become eidolons. Their BAB, Base Saves, and the like do not change though some of their Ability Scores may, depending on Tier and previous scores.

Hit Dice[edit]

The Base Creature's Hit Die becomes a d10, But this only applies for levels gained after a creatures ascention to Eidolonhood.


the Base Creature's Speed does not change.

Armor Class[edit]

Eidolons Extraplanar nature grants them a protective aura that guards against material attacks. They gain a +2 circumstantial bonus against corporial weapons. Magically modified weapons, as well as spells, bypass this bonus. This Bonus increases to +4 when an Eidolon Ascends to Tier 1.


An Eidolonic creature retains all the Proficiencies and attacks of the base Creature.

Full Attack[edit]

Eidolons Full Attack is generally unchanged. See Special Attacks.

Special Attacks[edit]

The Base Creature retains all its special attacks.

Hidden Power: When a Creature becomes an Eidolon it chooses one of it's previous attacks, special attacks, or full attack. This attack becomes a Special Attack and the damage roll doubles for that attack. The amount added for strength or other modifiers is only applied once. (Tiers 1,2,3)

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature retains all of it's normal Special Qualities.

Summon Pact As a general rule, An Eidolon cannot be summoned by a Summon Monster spell of any level. However, Eidolons are sometimes inclined to offer their services to Creatures of a given plane of interest. For whatever reason, an Eidolon in this situtation can form a Summon Pact with an intelligent creature of any Plane. The summon Pact gives the subject a constant connection with the Eidolon, as well as the ability to summon it durring combat. Generally the Eidolon will perform a single attack (Usually whichever attack was chosen as it's Hidden Power) and then return to it's own business.

The Duration and costs of the services of the Eidolon vary by the pact itself. For instance, a pact made with import on a particular battle or time frame, may last only until a particular task is completed. A Chaotic Eidolon may reduce a player's ability scores with each summon, or reduce HP or Experience. On the other hand, a Lawful Eidolon may require it's summoner to stay true to a particular alignment.

Regardless of the additional costs and restrictions put upon the pact, a creature who has made a pact with an Eidolon can summon that Eidolon a certain number of times per day equal to one half it's caster level, rounded down. If The creature is not a spell caster, it's effective caster level is one half it's total character level. The Maximum amount of times an Eidolon can be summoned per day is 5. EXAMPLE: a Caster of the 5th level could summon His/Her Eidolon 2 times per day. This number would increase to 3 at 6th level and 4 and 8th level. Likewise, a non-caster of 5th level could summon their eidolon once per day, increasing to two at 8th level, and three at 12th level. (Tiers 3,2,1)

Call Eidolon An Eidolon from the third tier can call a creature of Primal intelligence to become an Eidolon. The new Eidolonic creature is gifted with intelligence and placed in the third tier. The created Eidolon's Alignment becomes that of the summoning Eidolon, who it calls it's master. (Tier: 3)


Tier 3:
Str: Same as Base creature
Dex: Same as Base creature
Con: Same as Base creature
Int*: Base Creature +2
Wis: Same as Base Creature
Cha: Base Creature +2

Tier 2:
Str: Base Creature +2
Dex: Same as Base Creature
Con: Base Creature +2
Int: Base creature +2
Wis: Same as Base Creature
Cha: Base Creature +2

Tier 1
Str: Base Creature +2
Dex: Base Creature +2
Con: Base Creature +2
Int: Base Creature +4
Wis: Base Creature +2
Cha: Base Creature +4

  • A creature whose intelligence is primal, who is summoned to be an Eidolon is gifted with a natural 10 in intelligence (12 after tier 3 modifiers), and is placed into the 3rd Tier. These creatures do not advance through the Tiers as other creatures do.


An Eidolon gets additional skill points per HD equal to their modified intelligence Modifier.


The Base Creature retains all it's original feats, as well as gaining new ones.


The Ether between the Planes, or other planes which they find interesting or especially important. many spend much of their time on the material plane, as it effects many of the happenings of the outer planes.


Solitary, party (2-5)

Challenge Rating[edit]

Tier 3 +2
Tier 2 +3
tier 1 +4




Any (Alignment generally determines which 'side' they're on. Most are either lawful or chaotic, though some are neutral and flip from side to side or choose not to side at all.)


By Character Class.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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