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Ebon Knight[edit]

'DISCLAIMER' I am using this as a mimic from World of Warcraft. Skills will have the same name and similar effects.

Knights of the Ebon Enclave created to fight with brute style attacks and supernatural abilities. They are unable to use shields or select proficiency with them. At level one you select one path and are specialized in that pathway. You may not choose to change from that path, and prestige classes are not yet available to transfer over, but there are epic levels available to the class.

Making an Ebon Knight[edit]

The Ebon Knight is very supportive with abilities ranging from high damage out put and pulling targets to create a stun saving allies.

Abilities: Strength, Constitution, and Charisma are important for this character class.

Races: Any race can be a Ebon Knight, common races are human, and dwarf.

Alignment: Neutral alignments: NG, LN, TN, CN, NE.

Starting Gold: Same as Fighter

Starting Age: Same as Fighter

Table: The Ebon Knight

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 2 0 0 Path Select, Death Grip, Runeforging, Power Sacrifice
2nd 2 3 0 0 Bladed Armor
3rd 3 3 1 1
4th 4 4 1 1 Summon Deathcharger
5th 5 4 1 1 Blood Boil
6th 6/1 5 2 2
7th 7/2 5 2 2 Icy Path
8th 8/3 6 2 2
9th 9/4 6 3 3
10th 10/5 7 3 3 Path Skill, Death and Decay
11th 11/6/1 7 3 3
12th 12/7/2 8 4 4
13th 13/8/3 8 4 4 Path Skill
14th 14/9/4 9 4 4
15th 15/10/5 9 5 5 Mind Freeze
16th 16/11/6/1 10 5 5
17th 17/12/7/2 10 5 5 Raven's Blessing, Improved Presence
18th 18/13/8/3 11 6 6 Extra Feat
19th 19/14/9/4 11 6 6 Extra Feat
20th 20/15/10/5 12 6 6 Raise Ally, Extra Feat

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Climb, Craft(any), Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge(History), Ride, Search, Spot, Swim.

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Ebon Knight.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Armor Proficiency with light, medium and heavy armors, simple and martial weapon proficiency.

Plagues: Blood Plague, Frost Fever, and Necrotic Plague

Path Selection: Blood, Frost, Unholy

 Blood Presence(Ex): +1 Str/Dex, +5 Weapon Damage
 Abomination's Might(Su): grants +2 Str/Dex to all allies within 70 for 2 hours. Can be used 3/day
 Blood Strike(Sp): Chance to cause blood plague on target. Percentage starts at 10% and gains 2% per level. Blood plague deals 1d6 shadow damage per 2 levels Ebon Knight. Can be used 3/encounter.
   Lv. 1  - 1d6 shadow dmg
   Lv. 5  - 1d8 shadow dmg
   Lv. 10 - 1d10 shadow dmg
   Lv. 15 - 1d12 shadow dmg
   Lv. 20 - 2d12 shadow dmg
 Frost Presence(Ex): +2 Str/Cha, +5 Natural Armor, +10 Max hp
 Icebound Fortitude(Su): +3 Deflection AC on self for 2 hours. 3/day.
 Frost Strike(Sp): Taunts target of 6 Int or greater. Chance to apply Frost Fever, percentage starts at 10% and gains 2% per level. Frost Fever deals 1d6 frost damage per 2 levels Ebon Knight.
Can be used 3/encounter. Lv. 1 - 1d4 frost dmg Lv. 5 - 1d6 frost dmg Lv. 10 - 1d8 frost dmg Lv. 15 - 1d10 frost dmg Lv. 20 - 1d12 frost dmg Two-Weapon Fighting - Frost Ebon Knights get a passive to use dual weapons.
 Unholy Presence(Ex): +1 Str/Dex, +5 Weapon Dmg
 Horn of Battle(Su): +2 Str/Dex to all allies within 70 ft for 2 hours. 3/day.
 Plague Strike(Sp): Chance to cause both Necrotic Plague, percentage starts at 10% and gains 2% per level. See previous paths to determine damage. Can be used 3/encounter.
   Lv. 1  - 1d6 shadow dmg
   Lv. 5  - 1d8 shadow dmg
   Lv. 10 - 1d10 shadow dmg
   Lv. 15 - 1d12 shadow dmg
   Lv. 20 - 2d12 shadow dmg
 Summon Ghoul: The Unholy Knight can use this control to summon an undead servant that lasts until it's death. The servant has no ties with the Knight, Therefor, no penalties are incurred when the being 
is killed or released from service. Use the stats for Ghoul to determine attacks and stats. This pet levels like a character, you can give particular feats so that his combat is improved. These carry over to the
improved summons you acquire.

Death Grip: Attempt a ranged grapple at a maximum of 30 feet. If successful you pull the target within your threat range and gain an AoO. When the target is in front of you, they must make a Fort DC 10+Ebon Knight level or be stunned for 1 round.

Runeforging(Ex): The Ebon Knight is attuned with energies making him able to enhance the weapon he/she is wielding. This action does take 30 minutes to complete and whenever a new weapon is attained, the process must be repeated.

Razorice: +1d6 frost dmg, at Lv. 5 increases to 2d6 and +1d6 per 5 levels after (5d6 max at Lv. 20).
Fallen Crusader: At level 10, the Ebon Knight is able to change the energies to heal himself with some of the damage dealt to the target and increase his strength. 2d6 healing returned and +3 Str, the
d6 value increases by 1 and str by 2 per 5 levels. Stone Gargoyle: At level 15, the Ebon Knight is able to use the energies to increase his defenses. The weapon receives a +5 Deflection AC and +4 Con.

Power Sacrifice(Su): The Ebon Knight can sacrifice 3 hp(x Lv.) to gain a +2 on his next attack action.

Bladed Armor(Ex): At level 2, an Ebon Knights gains the ability to move around in his armor like a second skin. He/She gains +2 attack and +1 damage to all sources.

Frost - Two-Weapon Defense - at level 3 Frost Ebon Knights gain a +1 Shield AC.

Unholy - Improved Ghoul Stats: Level 3, your summons gain a permanent +4 to their strength score.

Unholy - Minion Special Attacks: Level 3, Rake: 2d8 on successful hits with both hands; Insidious Bite: Deal 2d8 damage when grappling. Both abilities can cause Necrotic Plague.

Summon Deathcharger(Su): At level 4, you summon an undead warhorse that travels at 60 movement. This takes a full round to summon and does not need to eat or sleep. Dismissing does not cause any negative repercussions.

Blood Boil(Ex): At level 5, the Ebon Knight gains the ability to create an explosion within a targets blood stream. Any enemy within 20 feet afflicted with either Blood Plague or Frost Fever receive 4d6 shadow dmg (+1d6 at 10, 15 and 20) per affliction. Can be used 3/encounter.

Frost - Improved Two Weapon Fighting - At level 6 Frost Ebon Knights gain an increase to their dual wielding abilities.

Unholy - Summon Feral Ghoul: Level 5, add the feral template to your summon.

Icy Path(Su): At level 7, Ebon Knights no longer worry about drowning. At the expense of one Frost rune, the Ebon Knight and allies within 30 feet can walk across any body of water for 10 minutes.

Unholy - Greater Ghoul Stats: Level 7, your summon gains an additional +2 strength and Dexterity.

Unholy - Improved Minion Special Attacks: Level 7, Shred: 4d8 on 2 successful melee hits; Infectious Bite: 4d8 damage when grappling. Both replace previous abilities and apply Necrotic Plague.

Death and Decay(Ex): At level 10, Target area 30 ft diameter, desecrates for 1d4 rounds dealing shadow damage to all beings standing within the area. Targets take 4d6 shadow damage (+1d6 at 15 and 20) and an additional 3d6 (+1d6 at 15 and 20) to any with afflictions on them. Can be used 1/encounter.

Path Skills: Lv. 10

 Riposte(Ex): The Blood Ebon Knight gains +2 deflection AC.
 Rune Strike(Ex): On an AoO, you can deal an additional amount of bleed damage to the target.
  Lv. 10 - 2d6 bleed
  Lv. 15 - 3d6 bleed
  Lv. 20 - 4d6 bleed
 Howling Blast(Su): Deals an AoE of 20ft diameter centered on target dealing frost/shadow damage and afflicting with frost fever(100% chance). Can be used 3/encounter.
  Lv. 10 - 2d6 frost/shadow
  Lv. 15 - 3d6 frost/shadow
  Lv. 20 - 4d6 frost/shadow
 Obliterate(Ex): On an AoO, you can deal damage to a target as if Flat-Footed with additional physical damage.
  Lv. 10 - 1d12 physical
  Lv. 15 - 2d12 physical
  Lv. 20 - 3d12 physical
 Blighted Strike(Su): Ebon Knight deals shadow damage to target, and increased damage to afflicted targets. Can be used 3/encounter.
  Lv. 10 - 2d6 shadow
  Lv. 15 - 3d6 shadow
  Lv. 20 - 4d6 shadow
 Death Coil(Su): Heals allies sending a bolt of energy from up to 30 feet with base healing and adding your d20+heal check.
  Lv. 10 - 2d10 healing
  Lv. 12 - 3d10 healing
  Lv. 14 - 4d10 healing
  Lv. 16 - 5d10 healing
  Lv. 18 - 6d10 healing
  Lv. 20 - 7d10 healing
 Summon Ghast: The Unholy Knight learns to summon and control a Ghast reflecting the same skill/feat/stat gains that your Ghoul had received.

Frost - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting - At level 12, Frost Ebon Knights passively gain an additional attack to their off-hand weapons.

Path Skill Lv. 13

 Death Strike(Ex): Attacks the enemy with brutal force and healing yourself for half the damage dealt. 3d6 shadow with additional 2d6(+1d6 at 15, 17 and 19) if afflicted. Can be used 2/encounter.
 Pillar of Frost: Grants +5 Str and freedom of movement for 1d6+cha mod. Can be used 2/encounter.
 Festering Strike: Deals 2d8 shadow damage, if afflicted, damage is doubled and it resets the time for the debuffs. Can be used 2/encounter.

Mind Freeze(Su): At level 15, the Ebon Knight can attempt to stun a target from 15 feet away. Will save of 10+1/2 EK Lv.+Wis, if failed stunned for 1d4 rounds. 3/encounter.

Unholy - Summon Mummy: Level 15, your summon now takes the shape of a Mummy reflecting all of the gains from previous forms.

Frost - Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting - At level 15, Frost Ebon Knights gain as many attacks as it has with its primary weapon.

Raven's Blessing(Sp): At level 17, grants +2 Str bonus and +10 hp.

Improved Presences(Sp): Lv. 17

Blood: +4 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Attack, +1 Damage
Frost: +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Deflection AC
Unholy: +2 Str, +2 Attack/Damage, +10 Movement speed

Raise Ally(Su): 1/week Attempts to bring back an ally. DC 25 Fort to be resurrected. Resurrected people are limited to 50% hp and -2 to all scores, skills, saves, attacks, and damage until fully healed with 8 hours of sleep.

Unholy - Summon Mohrg: Level 20, your summon not takes the shape of a Mohrg Reflecting all of the gains from previous forms.

Ex-Ebon Knights[edit]

If an Ebon Knight willingly touches a shield, whether it be to try to pull it down or pick it up to had it to someone, they loose all teachings they have received. They revert to a level one commoner with 10 in each stat score. Their strict training and in-depth study has taught them to never rely on a shield and they cannot return to the Enclave.

Epic Ebon Knight[edit]

Table: The Epic Ebon Knight

Hit Die: d12

Level Special
21st Improved Bladed Armor, Outbreak
22nd Improved Death and Decay
23rd Greater Presence
28th Improved Raven's Blessing
29th Superior Presence
30th Highlord's Call

6 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Improved Bladed Armor: The Ebon Knight has mastered his ability to control aspects of death. His mobility in armor gains him the ability to move without penalty and an additional +2 attack/damage to all weapon attacks.

Outbreak(Su): The Ebon Knight can apply both blood plague and frost fever to the target. No save for this ability, can only be used 2/day.

Improved Death and Decay(Su): Your death and decay damage now uses D8s.

Greater Presence: At level 23, you gain a boost to your passive abilities granted by your presence.

Blood Presence: +4 Str/Dex, +5 Weapon damage
Frost Presence: +5 Str/Con, +5 Deflection AC, +20 HP
Unholy Presence: +4 Str/Dex, +5 Weapon damage, +10 Movement speed

Improved Raven's Blessing: At level 28, Raven's blessing improves to give you an additional +4 Str and +20 HP.

Superior Presence: At level 29, You master the presence and gain new found strength.

Blood Presence: All attacks heal you for 1/4 the damage dealt.
Frost Presence: You gain +40 fast healing.
Unholy Presence: All your afflictions turn into D8s.

Highlord's Call: You gain the strength of the Highlord, granting you the ability 1/day of invulnerability for 2 rounds. While this is active, you deal x2 the damage you would normally and heal for 1/2 from heal checks and healing spells.

Unholy - Summon Shadow of the Void: Level 30, you have mastered the ability to bend the will of the Undead. Your summon takes the its final form as the Shadow of the Void. This gains the abilities that
your previous summons have received.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Ebon Knight[edit]

Religion: They have no real deity of preference. They can serve the deity they served before the transformation.

Other Classes: Other classes regard them as a high power.

Combat: They can serve as a tank or damage role, Unholy can serve as a minor emergency healer.

Advancement: Pending a prestige possible prestige class.

Ebon Knights in the World[edit]

This character is found wandering after training to find the biggest use of his/her talents. He does not fear death since he has become one with the possibility of it.

Daily Life: They can be found in taverns, road ways, or in mercenary bands.

Organizations: They belong to the Ebon Enclave, they only serve to one true ruler but are neutral in all combat scenarios unless provoked.

NPC Reactions: NPCs are off put by this class feeling very unease around them.

Ebon Knight Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge(History) can research Ebon Knight to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
5 A great warrior of unknown strength and power.
10 Uses energies from Blood, Frost or Unholy to assist in combat.
15 Uses only weapons never shields when fighting.
20 If this character touches a shield, they can lose everything they know about themselves.

Ebon Knights in the Game[edit]

Whether as an NPC or PC an Ebon Knight will try to look for people that are almost as strong or just as strong as him to ensure survivability.

Adaptation: Their abilities are geared towards debilitation.

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