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Whether it is to avoid further bloodshed or just to prove their strength, a character might find themselves in a situation where they get roped into a duel.

Since this is a 1v1 engagement where both are completely focused, the combat dynamic changes, now turns happen simultaneously and the instead of AC being the determining factor the outcome depends on the chosen action. Each round, each creature might say something before secretly choosing their Action: Attack, Defend or Desperate Attack. Once the short dialog is done they reveal their actions and outcome is calculated. The following table details the outcomes depending on the actions.

Actions must be chosen in secret, DM rolls a d6 and then the player chooses a die, a d6 for attack, a d10 for defend and a d20 for Desperate attack. Once both creatures have chosen their actions they both reveal the action at the same time.

A DM might choose to use their dialog to give PC’s a hint towards the character’s next action.

Duel Outcomes
Action Contest Outcome
Attack vs Defend Normal Attack vs AC
Defend vs Desperate Attack Desperate Attack is evaded and countered. Roll Attack Damage
Desperate Attack vs Attack Attack is overpowered by Desperate Attack. Roll Attack Damage, Double it
Attack vs Attack Exchange of blows. Both Roll Attack Damage
Defend vs Defend Nothing but a moment of tension.
Desperate Attack vs Desperate Attack Strength Contest. First one to have three success rolls attack damage adding 1d12.


Include a 15-30s timer for every round and if one of the creatures hasn't decided it loses their action.

Include a Bonus Action before each action every round to allow for some interesting combat developments or tip the scales towards a particular side.

If you want to leave a duel to Fate, assign die rolls to the actions and both roll at the same time. The outcome of the duel will depend entirely on the rolls.

War Battles[edit]

War Advantages
Type Advantage
Infantry Archers
Magicians Cavalry
Archers Magicians
Cavalry Infantry

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