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<!- Setting ->[edit]

== Campaign Setting Information == Welcome to Drylands. Long ago, this wasteland was a beautiful place to live. It was full of beautiful nature and glorious civilization, living side by side. That was until the Rattling happened. An alliance of illithids, nephilim, and their followers made an elaborate magic trap. They used the unique magic of this world against us and turned our crops, birds, and fish into weapons of mass destruction. They tore up the ground, whipped global winds into a frenzy, and covered the ocean in a thick layer of stone. Their dust storm was really strong, and killed a lot of people, but some of us survived, and we didn’t let them take the surface of the world. We fought tooth and nail, and some of our greatest heroes finally killed the elder brain and that bastard Xerxes. It’s been about 250 years since the rattling, and we’ve gotten accustomed to the dust, but we’ve never managed to figure out the ancient technology. That’s been lost to the sands of time.

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