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Lesser; 5th

Sleep is the little death, the path which brings you closer to the gate, and it's influence. With this power you may duplicate the effects of either Dream or Nightmare. In either case you may plant a mental seed which is contingent on requirements you state, such as meeting you, or encountering a certain person, performing a certain activity, and the like. You may add any of the following effects on the contingency.

Suggestion: The target is struck by a pre-programmed Suggestion, often which is used to guide the subject to a course of action stated in the dream or nightmare.

Anger: The target is filled with a sudden disgust and rage upon seeing or doing something. If in combat, they must make a Will save or seek harm against the subject, using whatever means seem best. If the subject does not attack within 1 minute due to circumstances, the compulsion is wasted. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.

Fear: The target is suddenly filled with paranoia, fear, and doubt. For 1 minute, they suffer a -2 penalty to saves against fear and may act irrationally.

Health Cost: -9.

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