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Size/Type: Medium Construct
Hit Dice: 5d10 (26 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30ft
Armor Class: 16, touch 10, flat-footed 16
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+6
Attack: Slam +6 (1d6+3 +1con)
Full Attack: Slam +6 (1d6+3 +1con)
Space/Reach: 10ft/10ft
Special Attacks: Blood Scoop
Special Qualities: Construct Traits, Fire Resistance 10
Saves: Fort 1, Ref 1, Will 0
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 10, Con —, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 2
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary, pair or Pack (3-6)
Challenge Rating: 2
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Neutral
Advancement: 6-10 HD (medium-size) 11-15 HD (large)
Level Adjustment:
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More information...

With a long hunched reinforced neck like structure and a flimsy looking shell covered in leather, the Drainer looks rather weak. Its large disc like eyes glow, while its trunk like nozzle emits a rattling noise. The Drainers scooped hands are used to take blood samples from creatures that are used in experiments or for research purposes, depending on their master.”

Researches or more commonly those who believe in torture, create drainers to do their work for them, collecting blood samples from exotic creatures or slowly draining victims of their blood as a sinister punishment or for ritual practice.


A drainer is a construct made specifically for the task of opening up veins and bleeding its opponent.

Blood Scoop (Ex): When a Drainer lands a successful slam attack its opponent must make a DC15 fortitude save or suffer one point of con damage. When the Drainer drains a point of con from a victim, it gains a +1 dodge bonus to that opponent until it is defeated (maximum dodge bonus +2)


A Drainer can be created by at least a 16th level character that must be able to cast arcane spells. The body is made from 20 pounds of leather and 15 pounds of metal. It costs 4,000gp and requires a craft (armoursmithing) check (DC25) and a craft leatherworking check (DC25). The ritual drains 800XP from the creator and requires the geas/quest, polymorph any object and limited wish spells.

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