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Drain Energy (Con; Force)[edit]

Check: The Drain Energy check sets the DC for the Will save of the target. Unattended items are automatically drained, as they don't get a Will save. A character makes a Will save for an item he is wearing, holding, carries or using in someway. Droids are considered unattended items for the purpose of this skill.

Result Will Save DC
Up to 14 10
15-24 15
25-34 20
35-44 25
45-54 30
+10 +5


Try Again?: Depends. You can attempt to affect the mind of the same target if the opportunity presents itself again.

Time: Affect Mind is a Full-Round action.


You can take 10 on an Affect Mind skill, but you can't take 20.

A character with the Mind Trick feat gains +2 aptitude to this skill.

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