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Dwarf Subrace[edit]

Dwarves detest the sea. We hate these dragons more.--Galmarr Depthfinder, First Admiral of Dragonshore.

When dragons assailed and razed their home of old, the dwarves of hammerdeep did not falter. When these dragons retreated across the seas, the dwarves did not let their hatred of the waves get in their way. They chased their foe through rain and storm, one day comming to the island of Dragonshore, said by men to have no wharf. But nothing stops a dwarf. They slaughtered the seven dragons nesting there, and from their bones and scales rebuilt their home of old, setting sail again in search of new foes, and new opportunities to expand their ever-growing hoard.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Nautical Ancestry. Unlike most dwarves, you are not naturally uncomfortable in the presence of large bodies of water, and are more resistant to the rigours brought on by spending months at sea. Ignore the effects of the first level of exhaustion you gain.
Sunbathed. As your ancestors learned to live above ground, the acute night vision they were synonimous with began to fade. You lose your darkvision trait.
Dragonslayers. Though you may not have hunted dragons in your time, your ancestors did, and they were damn good at it. You retain some of their prowess, gaining resistance to fire damage.

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