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Dragon Slayer[edit]

Please edit the class, if you would like to see changes, Write your idea under this header and i will try to incorporate it, or post in discussion, or message BaJohnny. Keep in mind this class is being played and is a rough draft. Working on balance and lore. Thank you.--BaJohnny (talk) 09:36, 10 April 2016 (MDT)

Dragon Slayers are the legendary Slayers of Dragons. Most Dragon Slayers are usually Orphans that survived Dragon attacks and are taken and raised in the respective races military. A candidate for being a dragon slayer must be under the age of 10. No matter the age below 10, there training is usually done within 2 years. At the age of 10 they are given to one of 2 orders. The Order of the Golden Dawn(Good Dragon Slayers), And The Order of Blood Seekers(Evil Dragon Slayers). The Golden dawn hunt Chromatic Dragons(evil), and The Order of Blood Seekers hunt Metallic Dragons(good) * Special note There is another order of Dragon Slayers called The Council see Lore Section*. When they join the respective order they undergo intense training for 5 years at which point they are given special plate armor made from an ancient mix of Steel, Adamantium and Dragon bone. At first, it appears to be plain old Plate mail, however, as the Dragon Slayers training continues and he defeats more foes, the armor actually absorbs a small amount of the blood each time, getting stronger. As it drinks more blood the armor actually becomes more Draconian in appearance and adapts to the wearers body. The armor forms to fit their body, while the helmet becomes formed like a Dragons face and grows horns, the gauntlets and boots develop claws, and the shoulders develop teeth around the edges.Honing their weapon skills, learning to make Dragons bane poison, maintaining their weapon in good condition and applying the poison to said weapon, they become deadly weapons over the course of 5 years. At age 15, if the Dragon Slayer is worthy they are taken into the care of the Great Wyrm of their choice, Golden Dawn to the care of a Metallic Dragon, and Chromatic Dragon for the Blood-seekers. They must then undergo a ritual to permanently bind the armor to themselves, and the armors first magical properties start to take shape. The armor itself becomes immune to any type of corrosion damage and dissolve effects. Basically anything that would destroy the armor itself, it becomes immune to. The armor also repairs itself and doesn't need maintaince, this does not affect the user. It also gains the Resize enchantment and develops its own unique enchantments. Thus the Armor cannot be enchanted. The wearer doesn't get fatigued while wearing it to sleep. They still have to eat/stay hydrated while wearing the armor. However the armor absorbs the nutrients and sustains the Dragon Slayer. Keep in mind the wearer can still die in the armor. After the armor is bound, they must take an oath. Depending on the Order they belong too, depends on the oath they take.ll Black Dragon Slayers are unique in that they are not only rare, but are evil as hell. See Black Dragon Slayer under Draconian Aspect for more information. Failing to follow this Oath will result in the armor falling off, becoming as heavy as boulders, and can't be moved until you retake the oath and beg forgiveness. If the armor becomes disenchanted during combat its weight effectively is 500 lbs. After they take their oath, they are then trained by their Dragon Keeper on how to handle the future powers of the armor and keeping their skills sharp. After about another 5 years, their Great Wyrm trainer/ master releases them back to their orders where they are recognized as a Dragon Slayer written down in the Charter of members of their order and are given free reign to hunt where ever they so choose. They must report any significant finds to the orders, and must check in every 6 months at least. Other than that they are free to hunt. Since Dragons have been on the decline they have also taken up hunting giants, and mythical beasts, however, they are not as effective fighting them as they are Dragons.

Making a Dragon Slayer[edit]

Fitting into the same role as fighters, Dragon Slayers can play melee or ranged offense and defense.

Abilities: Primary: Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity. Black Dragon Slayer's also require Charisma.

Races: Usually Humans but anything with a life span of greater than 15 years can become a Dragon Slayer.

Alignment: Same as there Dragon teacher.

Starting Gold: 4d4x10 Dragon Slayers start: with Dragon Slayers armor = 8 AC, +2 Dex Mod(From training in the armor for so long), -6 Armor Check Penalty, 35% Arcane Spell Failure, Speed 20ft, Weight 50Ib Starting Age: As Fighter

Table: Dragon Slayer

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +1 +1 +0 Dragons Bane Poison, Favored Enemy Dragons, Oath
2nd +2 +2 +1 +0 Draconic Rush, Dragon Fear Immunity
3rd +3 +2 +2 +1 Draconic Aspect Level 1, Bonus Feat
4th +4 +3 +2 +1 Draconic Rush
5th +5/+1 +3 +3 +1 Breathe Weapon, Elemental Resistance
6th +6/+1 +4 +3 +1 Heavy Armor Mobility Level 1, Bonus Feat, Draconic Rush
7th +7/+2 +4 +3 +1 Favored Enemies Giants
8th +8/+3 +4 +4 +1 Blood Drinker
9th +9/+4 +5 +4 +2 Bonus Feat, Draconic Rush
10th +10/+5 +6 +4 +2 Draconic Aspect Level 2, Elemental Resistance 2, Breath Weapon
11th +11/+6/+1 +6 +5 +2 Elemental Mastery Weapon, Evasion
12th +12/+7/+2 +7 +5 +3 Bonus Feat, Draconic Rush
13th +13/+8/+3 +7 +6 +3 Weapon Style
14th +14/+9/+4 +8 +6 +4 Favored Enemy Magical Beast
15th +15/+10/+5 +8 +7 +4 Blood Drinker Level 2, Elemental Resistance 3, Bonus Feat, Draconic Rush, Breath Weapon
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +9 +7 +4 Heavy Armor Mobility Level 2
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +9 +8 +5
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +10 +8 +5 Bonus Feat
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +10 +9 +6
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +11 +9 +7 Dragon Heart Strike, Elemental Immunity, Breath Weapon, Bonus Feat

Class Skills (2 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Climb (Str), Craft Dragons Bane Poison (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Dragons) (Int), Knowledge (Dragons Bane Poison) (Int), Listen (Wis), Ride (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Dragon Slayer.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Dragon Slayer is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, their armor, and one exotic one handed, two handed, or ranged weapon. They are also proficient with all shields but tower.

Bonus Feats: Beginning at Third level A Dragon Slayer gets a bonus feat, and every Three levels after they get another. Must be from the list of fighter bonus feats.

Oath (Ex):Golden Dawn Oath goes as follows, I (character name) do hereby swear too kill any evil dragon plaguing my respective land, I swear to always help a person in need and ask nothing in return unless the respected persons has questionable motives. On my honor as a Dragon Slayer of the Golden Dawn, I hereby declare I will accept any duel from someone who is my equal(if the opponent is superior the Dragon Slayer may back down or flee if necessary). If the opponent is inferior to my skills, I will give them the option to back away first or flee if necessary. I will always be courteous to others, even my most hated foe. I will not curse in the presence of a lady, and will apologize for a slip of the tongue. I will not steal, and will abide by the laws of the land I am in. Forever more, I shall be follow the rules of proper hosting and being a guest in someones home. This I swear on my honor as a Dragon Slayer, if I choose not to follow this oath. I swear to slay any Undead however, if I am outmatched I will not take up arms unless need be. I also swear to help the helpless, no matter who they might be and lay down my life if need be. May my armor fall to the floor and remain as heavy as stone should I break my oath. Retribution can be attained(DM's choice). Hail Golden Dawn, may the sun shine on your sword and carry forth truth and justice. Hail Golden Dawn.

Blood-seekers Oath goes as follows, I (character name) do hereby swear to kill any Metallic Dragon I come across. Death and destruction follow my blade where ever I may be. I shall punish the weak for being in my way, I shall kill all those who are worthy of fighting me except my brothers(loyal friends can be considered brothers not just other Dragon Slayers). Mayhem and chaos follow me, and I shall bring it wherever I may be. To all those in the land, fear my power, for I shall tear you from your family, homes and loved ones. Hail Blood Seekers, may your armors thirst never be quenched, Hail Blood Seeker. If a Blood-seeker dragon slayer chooses to take up arms towards it master or fails to uphold his oath his armor becomes heavy as stone but does not fall to the floor. The dragon slayer must walk to his master in his stone armor(500Ibs) and seek retribution. If the Dragon Slayer cannot walk in his armor he will die in his armor.

Dragon's Bane Poison (Ex): All Dragon Slayers learn the ability to apply a Dragons Bane poison to their weapons that deals 2d6 damage to Dragons. The affected Dragon must make a Will save every Three rounds to keep itself from being paralyzed for its turn, however, the effects get stronger increasing by 2 every 3 rounds. Save is DC 15 will + 2/3 rounds. The poison is also deadly to other creatures dealing 1d6 damage and without the paralysis effect. Creatures immune to poison except Dragons with a poisonous element will not be affected by this. Lasts 24 hours. Takes 1 hour to apply poison. If Craft Dragons Bane is above 10 you can take a 20 to apply the effects in half an hour. However this is poison you are dealing with so slow and steady is key. Discuss with your DM on which ingredients are needed for the poison.

Favored Enemy Dragons: Due to his extensive study of his foe and training in the proper techniques for combating Dragons, the Dragon Slayer gains a plus 3 bonus on bluff, listen, sense motive, spot, and survival checks against Dragons. Likewise he gets a plus 3 bonus on weapon damage rolls against Dragons. At 7th level the effects are increased by an additional plus 1. At 14th, it is increased by an additional plus 4. So at level 1 its +2,+2. At level 7 its +4,+4, and at level 14 its +8,+8.

Draconic Rush (Ex): At level 2, Dragon Slayers gain the Draconic Rush Ability. When a Dragon Slayer charges, he must declare the attack a Draconic Rush (Thus if he fails he uses it up). He adds his Strength modifier to his attack roll (with the plus 3 from a charge.) The attack deals double damage to dragons (this stacks with the double damage from mounted lance charges effectively doing only double until 9th level when it becomes triple damage; does not stack with the Spirited Charge feat or the cavalier class charge feat Deadly Charge). This attack may be performed equal to the Dragon Slayers Constitution Modifier +1/4 Dragon Slayer level, +1 per Black Dragon Slayer Level. The only damage multiplied by the attack is weapon damage, and Strength bonus damage.

-At level 4 Dragon Slayer gains Dexterity Modifier to attack rolls to hit.

-Level 6 Dragon Slayer gains Dexterity Modifier to damage also.

-Level 9 Deals double damage to all creatures. Triple to Dragons.

-Level 12 This is treated as a touch attack.

-Level 15 bypasses all hardness.

Dragon Fear Immunity (Ex): Starting at level 2, the Dragon Slayer gains a +1 to dragon fear saves and hits against Dragons. Every Two levels after level 2, it increases by 1 up to level 14. At level 8, it becomes an aura affecting party members within 60 feet beginning back at +1. So a level 8 Dragon Slayer will have a + 4 to dragon fear rolls and attack rolls against Dragons while his party only has a + 1. The Black Dragon Slayer begins to exude Dragon fear, at level 3 they gain 10 + Charisma modifier as Dragon Fear. Creatures that come within 60 feet of the Black Dragon Slayer must make a Will save of 10 + Black Dragon Slayers Charisma or be treated as shaken for 2d4 rounds. On the second round if they failed the first save they must make another save of 10 + Black Dragon Slayers Charisma or be frozen (considered paralyzed but on there feet 10 + natural armor is all that is needed to hit) in fear for 1d4 rounds (any damage from any source ends the duration of the frozen effect). Once an enemy makes his save or is Frozen they can no longer be effected by the same source of fear for 24 hours.

Draconic Aspect Level 1 (Ex): The Dragon Slayers armor becomes more Draconic in appearance and changing in color depending on the Dragon they have chosen and their alignment. The Dragon slayer gains some special abilities depending on the Dragon. For example, you have chosen to become a Silver Dragon Slayer. First you must be of good alignment. The armor takes on a more silvery appearance, 2 "frills" develop under the horns that extend to the back of the jaw. Another "frill" appears in the middle of the head and extends to the back of the neck. They gain the cloud walking ability and the fog cloud spell as a spell like ability 3 times/day.

Black Dragon: It is rare for a Black Dragon to train a Black dragon slayer as they are the embodiment of death. So certain prerequisites must be fulfilled before one becomes a Black Dragon Slayer. First, a Black Dragon Slayer does not have to be in there youth it can be at any age so long as the prerequisites are completed. The person wanting to become a Black Dragon Slayer must be a level 10 chaotic evil fighter. Second, they must take the lives of 100 innocent people and bring a grisly trophy from each kill to the Black Dragon inspect and confirm they are all individual. This also demonstrates your loyalty to the Black Dragon and he will see you as a "prized possession" of his. You will not gain experience while doing this. At this point,(roll a percentile if it falls in the less than tenth percentile you become a thrall if above the black dragon agrees to train you) if the Black Dragon agrees, he will teach you to become a Black Dragon Slayer. Or not, and keep you as an Undead thrall. Black Dragon Slayers begin at level 3 (This makes you a level 13 character you keep all your fighter feats and special abilities you have gained so far but are no longer treated as a fighter of any level you are now a level 3 Black dragon-slayer. You gain your 13 levels worth of HD from the Black Dragon Slayer scale and you effectively have a +3 attack bonus and all ability you should have gained as a level 3 Dragon Slayer). Also they gain additional abilities as opposed to other Dragon Slayers. This makes them great villains in campaigns as they are usually really powerful and extremely hard to take down. First, the armor doesn't change color yet, however, the armor gains a gold trim (for a black dragons love of gold) and becomes more skeletal in appearance. They gain Dark vision 60 ft, a plus 2 to Charisma checks, the ability to breath underwater, and the ability to use both Command Undead and any Shadow domain spells up to there dragon slayer level as spell like abilities Con mod times/day. Must be Chaotic Evil. Another Unique ability of the Black Dragon Slayer is that you can have your armor enchanted before hand. Unlike the other Dragon Slayers, Your master wants you powerful, so he will bestow his power unto your actual armor as opposed to armor crafted for you. For example, if you have Axe Blocking Mithril Full Plate +2 you will retain the Axe blocking enchantment on your armor and Your Black Dragon Slayer Armor will be treated as plus 2. This is considered a Prestige Class.

Blue Dragon: The armor turns sapphire blue and starts to hum and crackle faintly with built up static electricity. They gain a +2 to all Charisma checks and gain the ability to use create/destroy water 3 times/day as a spell like ability. Must be evil.

Bronze Dragon: The armor becomes a dull mottled brown and bladed chin horns develop. They gain a +2 to all Charisma checks and gain the ability to speak to animals 5 times/day as a spell like ability. Must be good alignment.

Brass Dragon: The armor becomes darker, resembling a rich Brass tone. The feet become webbed on the armor. They gain the ability to breathe underwater, and to use the spell speak to animals as a spell like ability 3 times/day. Must be good alignment.

Copper Dragon: The armor becomes finer and more coppery, assuming a soft warm gloss. They gain a +2 to all Intelligence checks and the ability to use Spider Climb.

Gold Dragon (aka Drapally Slayer): The armor becomes gold in appearance and sharp "frills" develop behind the horns that travel down the back of the neck. They gain a +1 luck bonus to all saving throws and the ability to use bless and cure light wounds as a spell like ability 3 times per day. Must be Lawful good, also read class description for more on oath.

Green Dragon: The armor becomes green and one large sharp "frill" develops just above the brow and travels down to the back of the neck. They gain a +2 to all Charisma checks and the ability to use suggestion as a spell like ability 3 times/day. Must be evil.

Red Dragon: Turning red in color, 4 more horns that are "frilled" develop on the back of head to the neck. They gain a +2 to all Wisdom checks and the ability to use the locate object spell as a spell like ability 3 times/day. Must be evil.

Silver Dragon: Shining as bright as silver, the armor develops two "frills" under the horns that extend to the back of the jaw. Another "frill" develops in the middle of the head and extends to the back of the neck. They gain the cloud walking ability and the fog cloud spell as a spell like ability 3 times/day. Must be good.

White Dragon: Becoming white as snow, the nose of the armor becomes more beaked and 2 "frills" develop attached to the horns down to the lower jaw. They gain the Ice walker ability and the fog cloud spell as a spell like ability 3 times/day. Must be evil.

Breath Weapon (Ex): Starting at 5th level, a Dragon Slayer can let loose a breath weapon that is similar to the Dragon he has chosen. Does same damage as a Wyrmling or 2d8 whichever is higher. Can use every 1d4 rounds to max of Con modifier per day. For example, a White Dragon Slayers breath weapon would do cold damage. Can be cone or line but not both. Cone is 15 feet wide and travels 20 feet, the line hits everything in a straight line for 40 ft(unless blocked by an object like a wall). Must be chosen on acquisition of this ability (Acid can never be a cone). At 10th level The damage becomes that of a young dragon or 2d10 whichever is higher. At 15th level the damage become that of a juvenile Dragon or 3d10 whichever is higher. And at level 20 the damage becomes that of an adult dragon. At level 5 Black Dragon Slayers breath weapon is treated as a Juvenile and deals 8d4 damage. At lvl 10 it is treated as an adult and deals 12d4. At 15th level it is treated as old and deals 16d4. at 20th level it is treated as ancient and deals 20d4 damage.

Elemental Resistance (Su): At 5th level, the Dragon Slayer develops a +5 immunity to the element of his chosen Dragon. For example, if he has chosen a Brass Dragon as his dragon of choice. Brass Dragons primary element is fire, thus the Dragon Slayer would gain a +5 fire immunity. Every additional 5 levels they gain a +5 to that element until they reach level 20 when they get true elemental immunity to that element. Black Dragon Slayers in addition gain an immunity to negative energy at level 10. At 15th level the Black Dragon Slayer gains immunity to negative levels. At level 20 Black Dragon Slayers absorb negative energy but is only healed for 1/2 by positive energy.

Heavy Armor Mobility level 1 (Ex): The armor adapts to your body through you training, becoming more flexible. The armor retains the AC bonus of +8, however, the max Dexterity bonus increases to +4, and the armor check penalty lessens to -4. Movement is increased by 10 ft. The armor is still treated as heavy for all purposes.

Favored Enemy Giants (Ex): At 7th level, the dragon slayer adapts his tactics of killing dragons to killing giants as well. Gains same bonuses as Favored Enemy Dragons, starts at level 5. Increased by +2. So its +2,+2 at level 7 and at level 14 is +4/+4

Blood Drinker Level 1 (Ex): At level 8, from all the enemies you have vanquished, the armor has drank enough blood to increase in Strength. It grants the wearer an additional +2 to AC (so +10 ac), a +2 to all Strength checks, and DR 2/-. Your armor effectively becomes Dragon Slayer Armor + 2. Black Dragon Slayers armor begins actively absorbing the blood of enemies effectively turning there body into a husk and turning 1/4 of the creatures max hp into health for the Dragon Slayer. This can add temporary hit points equal to 1/2 of the Black Dragon Slayers max HP.

Draconic Aspect Level 2 (Ex): At level 10, the armor becomes even more Draconic in appearance, developing a tail, her appearance becomes more like that of there selected dragon, and extra abilities.

Black Dragon: The armor turns a jet black with a gold trim, and appears to be "decaying" around the horns and cheekbones. They gain an additional +2 to Charisma checks +4 total. They can also now use corrupt water and the insect plague spells as spell like abilities Con mod times/ day. They can also see perfectly through darkness of any kind, including magical darkness. They also receive DR 10/magic stacking with there other natural resistances.

Blue Dragon: The armor develops horns along the back of the head to the neck. A horn develops on the nose of the armor. They gain an additional +2 to all Charisma checks and can now use ventriloquism as a spell like ability 2 times/day.

Bronze Dragon: A single "frill" develops on the back of the head to the neck. The tail also becomes "frilled". They gain an additional +4 to all Charisma checks and the ability to use suggestion as a spell like ability 2 times/day.

Brass Dragon: Horns develop under the other horns and become "frilled". They run down to the back of the neck. They gain a +2 to all Wisdom checks and can now use detect thoughts as a spell like ability 2 times/day.

Copper Dragon: Chin horns develop as well as neck horns. They can now use stone shape 2 times/day as a spell like ability and gain an additional +2 to all Intelligence checks.

Gold Dragon: The tail becomes "frilled" that runs along both sides. They gain an additional +1 luck to all saving throws, and the ability to use cure moderate wounds as a spell like ability 2 times/day.

Green Dragon: The elbows develop spikes and the jaw becomes more toothy and curved. Can now breathe underwater and use dominate person as a spell like ability 2 times/day.

Red Dragon: Chin horns develop and the tail becomes "frilled" down the middle. They gain an additional +2 to all Wisdom checks and can now use suggestion as a spell like ability 2 times/day.

Silver Dragon: The tail becomes "frilled" down the middle. They gain feather fall and the ability to use cure moderate wounds 2 times/day.

White Dragon: Spikes develop along the tail. They gain a +2 to all Wisdom checks and the ability to use control winds 2 times/day.

Evasion (Ex): At level 11, the Dragon Slayer gains the Evasion feat.

Elemental Mastery Weapon (Ex): You have Mastered your chosen dragons element enough to imbue your weapon with elemental damage. Deals an additional 1d8 of elemental damage.

Weapon Style (Ex): At level 13, the Dragon Slayer has developed their own unique fighting style based around what they were taught when they were young.

Mighty Cleaver: Axes now cause bleed damage of 1d8 for 1d4 rounds of bleed damage for two handed axes. 1d4 for 1d4 rounds one handed axes. Can hit multiple targets in a swing up to half Constitution modifier if reach permits it. So a Dragon slayer that takes mighty cleaver with a Constitution modifier of +4 can hit up to two addition targets with each swing if reach permits.

The Mountain: Two handed maces ignore 2 ac, in addition, creatures of one size larger or lower than the Dragon Slayer have a 25% chance to "rock" his opponent for the turn. One handed maces ignore 1 ac, and have a 15% chance to "rock" creatures of the same size or lower.

Momentum Striker: Swords critical threat chance doubled. Add + 1 to Ac for deflection bonus.

Sharp Shooter: Crossbows ignore 4 AC. Treated as having rapid reload without the prerequisites.

Favored Enemy Magical Beast (Ex): At level 14, the Dragon Slayer has adapted his tactics to killing magical beasts as well. Treated like Favored Enemy Dragons but only receives +2 bonus.

Blood Drinker Level 2 (Ex): At level 15, your armor has strengthened even more. Gains a +5 to ac (AC 15), a +5 to all Strength checks, DR is now 5/-. Your Dragon Slayer Armor upgrades to +4. Black Dragon Slayers now gain 1/2 the enemy's maximum HP and can store it as temporary hp up to their own maximum HP. Black Dragon Slayers gain a +8 to AC and Strength instead of the +5 other Dragon Slayers get. Black Dragon Slayers also gain a Spell Resistances equal to 5 + Charisma modifier.

Heavy Armor Mobility Level 2 (Ex): The armor adapts to the wearer even more, providing even more flexibility. Max Dexterity bonus increases to +6 the armor check penalty decreases to 0, and can move another additional 20 ft. Black Dragon Slayers armor is now weightless and allows the use of the Black Dragon slayers full Dexterity modifier effectively maxing his armors max Dexterity bonus. This armor is still treated as heavy for any purpose.

Dragon Heart Strike (Ex): The Dragon Slayer combines all of his power into a single deadly strike. The Dragon Slayers body glows with the element of his Dragon Aspect and shoots upwards with great momentum. With all his might, he swings upwards launching himself up. As the weapon hits a great burst of energy is released. Works like Draconic Rush without the need to charge. Deals triple damage to regular enemies, and quadruple damage to Dragons. Can only be used up to a max of his Constitution modifier per day. 15% chance to instant kill dragons, 10% chance to instantly kill regular enemies.

Black Dragon Master (Ex): This ability applies only to Black Dragon Slayers. At 20th Level you have become so powerful that even your own master dare not defy you. You have become the Master now. Your Dragon is now and forever will be your vassal. As the creatures of magic that it is the dragon binds himself to you in an ancient ritual. In this ritual you must slay the Black dragon that was your master. As you land the killing blow your life force becomes one and you are both considered dying at -1 hp a successful Constitution save of 15 is all that is required to only be unconscious at 0 hp from there you can recover normally. As a side effect of both of your evil ambitions becoming one you gain Immortality as does your vassal in order to raise terror and chaos for all time. You also gain some of your Dragons Strengths. You gain +4 to all stats and can now cast any spell your vassal can as many times per day as your vassal could. Your Armor also Changes to reflect your status becoming so dark that light seems to be pulled into it and the gold has become platinum silver that only reflects the strongest lights. When the Black Dragon Slayer enters a room he may choose to allow his armor to absorb all the light in the room effectively casting the spell darkness as a free immediate action. If the Dragon Slayer chooses not to he is shrouded in a shadow that only reflects small glints of platinum silver under powerful lights. His armor also now fully drains victims of there life essence not just there blood. The Black Dragon Slayer now gains his targets full maximum hp as regained hp and can store 1.5 times his own maximum hp as temporary hp. For every 100 life forces taken from Innocent good aligned humanoids the Black dragon slayer gains +1 permanent bonus to one attribute of her choice up to a maximum of +5 in each attribute. (Black Dragon Slayer is treated more as a prestige class if you take this class).

Epic Dragon Slayer[edit]

Table: The Epic Dragon Slayer

Hit Die: d10

Level Special
21st Epic Bonus Feat
25th Bonus Feat, True Draconic Aspect, Black Dragon Aspect
28th Bonus Feat
30th Call Forth Dragon Ally/ Call Forth Dragon Swarm/ Black Dragon Aspect

2 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Bonus Feat (Ex): A Dragon Slayer may choose any Epic Fighter Feat.

Black Dragon Aspect (Ex): The rituals effects have changed you. Your now more Dragon than ever before. You can now unleash your True Black Dragon Aspect Form. The Black Dragon Slayer now gains Shadowy wings which allow him to fly 60 feet (perfect). He also deals double damage on all successful attacks, and can unleash his breath attack as part of his full attack. He can use this ability 2x his Con modifier per day, and lasts 1 min/ Total Con Score. At level 30, if he is within 100 feet of his Vassel he can keep it on indefinitely. Your Armor effectively becomes +5, if not enchanted before becoming a Black Dragon Slayer.

True Draconic Aspect (Ex): A Dragon Slayer gains the ability to unleash his True Draconic Aspect Form. While in this form you gain Spectral Wings that allow you to fly 60 feet (good) in the color of your respective Dragon. He deals double damage on regular attacks, he gains a temporary health bonus of +5 per char level, and can unleash his breath attack while attacking at the cost of half of his full attack Bonus. So instead of +20,+15,+10,+5. It would be +20,+15. The Dragon Slayer can use this ability 2x his Con modifier per day. Lasts 1min/ Total Con Score. If the Dragon Slayer is on his last Transformation for the day, he becomes fatigued afterwards. Your Armor effectively becomes +5.

Call Forth Dragon Ally (Ex): Your Master has recognized you as almost his equal and has asked one of his children to aid you in combat whenever you need. You now gain the ability to summon a Mature adult dragon of the same color as your master into combat by shouting his name (DM must be given name of Dragon of your choosing. Name can be what ever you want really as long as your DM approves). Dragon can be mounted and ridden. Can only be used outdoors. This ability lasts 1 hour/ Con modifier and can be used Once per day. After the time is up, the Dragon feels it has done enough and leaves. If mounted the Dragon will ask if you want to go with him. If not he will throw you off if you have not gotten off of him. Also keep in mind, these Dragons are your allies not your vassal. They will only act as their alignment allows them to act. So a Gold Mature Adult Dragon who is naturally Lawful Good will not slaughter a town for you, or a Red Dragon who is naturally Chaotic Evil will not leave any survivors.

Call Forth Dragon Swarm (Ex): An epic Black Dragon Slayer of the 30th level can call forth a swarm of dragons once per day that lasts for his Con mod in hours. He summons 2d6 Adult Black Dragons and they are teleported from wherever their current location is. The Black Dragon Slayer may not know these dragons but they will obey for the duration of the spell. Once the spell has ended the Dragons are not returned to where they came from but you cannot dominate them through mind control or any other magical means for 24 hours. Diplomacy or intimidation can still keep them in your employ.

Playing a Dragon Slayer[edit]

Religion: No particular religion is ever made with Dragon Slayers, though gods of war, weather, and elements similar to their lifestyle are not uncommon. They pretty much worship the god their dragon teaches them to worship. So discuss with your DM if this is an issue.

Other Classes: Most Dragon Slayers grow up as a Dragon Slayer and therefore never become anything else but some have been known to become great Fighters, Paladins, and Evil Clerics. There have been a few that have taken to learning the druidic ways to be able to one day take on a lesser form of there master.

Combat: Moderate Damage/ Tanky against regular enemies. Absolute beasts when it comes to Dragons as they are based around slaying them.

Advancement:Fighter, Paladin, Monk levels can be useful. Druids are good if your willing to spend the time to get dragon forms. A few levels of a healing class wouldn't hurt.

Dragon Slayer Lore/ Campaign[edit]

This is part of the lore I have been working on as part of a campaign.

During a time of great turmoil when the Dragon Wars broke out between the Metallic and the Chromatic Dragons, all the living creatures of the world were threatened as great blazing storms of the elements ravaged the lands. 5 Great Gem Wyrms gathered together. Kellath the Topaz Dragon, known for her erratic behavior and her shape shifting abilities. Apophis, Champion of the Blue, Father of Sapphire Dragons and known as the best military strategist of his time. Minirath Gentleheart, a Crystal Dragon. Forever curious of the mortal plane and the growth potential of men. Ralarth Lord of Sound, an emerald whos breath could shake the world. Neruth the Champion of Earth and Amethyst. The Oldest, most powerful of the Amethyst Dragons and of the 5 Great Wyrms. Neruth summoned them together and after finally convincing the others, together the 5 created The Council. In times of turmoil these Dragons would gather together and fight both the Metallic and the Chromatic Dragons in hopes of bringing balance back to the Mortal plane.

After many battles they could not make an impact significant enough to stop the army's. It was then Minirath proposed the idea to use 5 men, a promising young race that held great growth potential, to become aspects of themselves. Something to help turn the tide in their favor because it would effectively double their numbers. 

After 100 days of debate the decision fell to Neruth who became their leader. He decided in favor of balance, 5 Great Wyrms who were immortal, and 5 Men who were mortal. 4 Kings were ruling the human lands at that time, and were renown for keeping a long lasting peace, or "balance" as you would. Vor Vaditsk, Warlord to the country of Uslyae to the North, known for his ferocious strength and military cunning. Ar Heartspirit, sixth of the line of the Kings of Aslein, Kingdom of the East. Erth Dawnhorn, King of the south, known as the best dualist of his time and unmatched with a blade. Lovir Zanthid, The Elemental King. A master battlemage who controlled the elements so ferociously even the Dragons dared not test him. He was also a good friend of the elves and helped cement a lasting peace with them. The Last, Onvyr Torthyra, was a common knight born of royal decent from the men of old, and didn't know of his lineage; however, Minirath had been good friends with his ancestors and knew of his decent.

When these 5 men gathered after being summoned to The Colorless Tops, A range of 5 colorless Mountains near the Dwarven Territories. They were offered a choice. They could become aspects of the Dragon they most resembled. However, for this to happen the fifth king needed his crown. Thus the 4 kings would unite the human territories into one, and would proclaim Onvyrs the true king of man and that his son Eldrin would ascend the throne. The countries would keep their lands, govern them and the kings wouldn't keep their crowns. However a fifth country would be founded, Duwhoicia, which in the old tongue of man ment Covenent of Dragons and each King would be given a new crown. Onvyr would be proclaimed king of this new country and would be proclaimed the True King of Men because of his lineage. The Dragons would then bound their immortal spirit to their mortal one, when the kings would die, their heirs would take their place. For if they didn't, the Dragons would surely die. Thus each heir of the king would be trained from birth to become one. 5 crowns of Steel, Adamantium and Dragon bone then appeared before them. Four were decorated, a gem addorned in the middle symbolising the Dragon they would bond too. The fifth was decorated with 5 gems, one for each dragon and with an amythyst in the middle of it.  It was up to the kings to decide who would get each crown. This also served as a test of the king's wisdom. For each Dragon knew which human they would bond with. However, it was up to the mortals to figure out which Dragon had chose which King, or be cast aside. Knowing they really didn't have a choice because the Dragon Wars were ravishing their lands into complete devastation. They accepted.
200 days after, The 4 Kings  held a Moot in the city located in the heart of Mans territory Destrau, home of the kings of the first men. In front of the entire city, as well as 50 witnesses from each country, they announced that the human lands would unite together for this threat, each giving up an equal portion of land to create a new country. Duwhoicia it would be called, with Destrau as its capital. A throne made out of amethyst was then brought before the crowd and placed in the Central keeps main chamber which was located directly in the heart of the city. It was then renamed the Amethyst Keep.
The 4 kings stood before the throne, and before the crowd Onvyr was presented. The 4 Kings announced his lineage before the crowd and knelt before their new king holding up the crown with the 5 gems. Onvyr placing his new crown on his head, told them to rise, for they were his equals. He then called forth his minister. Bringing fourth the four other crowns, each King was told to take the one of his choosing. Ar Heartspirit was the first king to choose, and he took the Crown with the Crystal. Vor soon followed grabbing the Sapphire Crown. Erth Dawnhorn was hesitant, he then closed his eyes and reached forward, donning the Emerald Crown. When asked, he said he did it so he would grab the one he felt most bonded too. Lorvik simply laughed, of course the Topaz Crown was his, could anyone argue? The wizard kings magic was fearsome and his behavior, in turn for power, was quite erratic. The four lords then knelt before Onvyrs. Onvyrs then declared, " Let you all be witnesses of the Covenant between Man and Dragons! We now go forth to end this terrible threat, and we pass onto our heirs our covenant. They shall seek out the 5 of The Council and fulfill our pledge. We now go forth to fulfill this pledge, so that we might bring balance to the Mortal plane and help all mortals prosper." 
The King and his Lords then left the city, heading back to The Colorless Tops to The Council. When they arrived The Dragons were impressed. Not only had they smoothly transitioned their nations into one, but they also had chosen the correct crowns. Each Lord then bowed before each Dragon except for Onvyrs. Neruth then asked, "Why have you not knelt King of Duwhoicia and the Amethyst Throne?"

Onvyrs stood quiet for a moment. "Kings do not kneel," he replied. Neruth then smiled and bowed his head to Onvyrs. The Dragons then bowed before each of the Lords. Neruth then raised his head, " Brothers and Sisters, take your Dragon Slayers to your homes. Bind them to your spirit and teach them how to harness their power. In 500 days time, we shall go forth and meet our foe." Each Lord then climbed onto his respective Dragon and they flew to each one of the 5 mountains. Neruth then turned to Onvyrs. "Now the real test begins for both of us." Glyphs had started to glow beneath Onvyrs and he could feel his Mortal spirit leaving his body. He looked upon Neruth who had looked to be in pain. A bright flash then erupted before the two. As Onvyrs regained his sight. He had felt power like never before. His crown had transformed and bound itself to him. His armor had also transformed. He now had fine, translucent-purple colored plate armor that had felt more like skin. The helmet had formed like a Dragons face and grew horns, the gauntlets and boots developed claws, and the shoulders developed teeth around the edges. He was then struck with intense pain as the ritual was coming to its climax, and Neruth let out an intense roar of pain. The armor started to develop a tail, and two teeth were started to grow at the end of the armors lower jaw. Spikes started to pretrude from the shoulders and Onvyrs was brought to his knees. "DO NOT GIVE UP," Neruth bellowed with pain. His armor then seemed to solidfy and become a darker until it reached a sparkling lavender color. Purplish Spectral wings had seemingly spouted from his back as he let out a final shriek of pain and another bright flash erupted. The glyph then faded and Onvyrs was on his hands and knees. He stood but his knees were shaking and he could feel how weak he was. Another feeling arose as well. He could feel how weak Neruth was. The ritual had worked. The two were bound together. Moving towards Neruth he collapsed. Using the last of his strength he had crawled beside him and propped his back upon his Dragon. "It is time for rest," Neruth said faintly, covering Onvyrs with his wing. Hearing 4 loud roars, he fell unconscious. 275 days had passed before Onvyrs had regained consciousness. Neruth had awoken as well and the two knew they would have to prepare for the coming battle. For 150 days Neruth trained him in using his new found power. On the final day Neruth had let out a roar calling his brothers and sisters. When they arrived four knights wearing draconic armor appeared with them. All unique in their aspect and personalized to each Dragon. Onvyrs and Neruth addressed them at the same time, "400 days have passed since the ritual was performed and we are almost ready for the coming battle. Now we gather our armies and meet back here. We will then head towards the coming final battle between these two forces. We fall short on time and it seems we have almost run out sooner than expected. We must act now. There is the Council and now the Wards of Balance. Return to your homes and gather your troops a messenger has been sent of your arrival." As each Lord flew to their respective homes on their Dragons, they noticed the war had taken its toll on the lands of man. Great burning tornados plagued once peaceful plains that were left desolate. Mountains of pure ice had erupted in some parts only death lingered around. Swamps turned into acid pits. It had taken its toll on the population as well. Mustering the forces they could, the 4 Lords and their King met in the plains known as Lagiocrus. Here the Dragons had erupted in their fearciest battle yet. Even more so, Tyriant, The Black Death, Lord of all Chromatic Dragons, was battling Barioth, Champion of the Skies, The greatest of the Golden Wyrms. Engaging their enemy, the army of man collided with the two armies of Dragons. Firing Great Balista bolts made of adamantium, forged from their dwarven allies. Wizards casting great spells of all the elements, with sorcerors as well. Men with great nets woven from mithril and spears of the same, a gift from their elven allies. Pinning the smaller Dragons and piercing their scales. Of course the 5 Dragon Slayers met their foe as well. Commanding their Dragons to take to the skies, The 4 Lords and their King slew any Dragon that stood in their way. The battle became utterly chaotic as Dragon killed Dragon, Dragon killed man and man killed Dragon. At this point, Neruth landed beside Ornyrs and declared, "Now is the time to end this!" Climbing on Neruths back, The two charge towards the 2 leaders. Neruth collided with Tyriant as the two began to rip into each other's flesh. Barioth was disoriented from this, his focus laid upon his battle with Tyriant. He had not anticipated another army. In an absolute display of power, Ornyrs burst forward from Neruths back. In one downward slash, he had completely cut Barioth in half. Tyriant for the first time in his life felt fear. How could one mortal have so much power? Neruth then launched him into a mountain using a great breath of pure force. As Tyriant looked around the battle field he watched as both sides of the conflict were being felled by these Dragon Slayers his fear grew. Letting out a great roar, he unleashed his acidic breath upon them and Ralarth returned with a cone of mind shattering sound. A great explosion erupted between the two Dragons and everything was thrown aside. Tyriant stood up and as he was dazed Ornyrs and Neruth swooped in. Launching for the killing blow Ornyrs burst forward. Norruth Lord of Flame, A very powerful Red Great Wyrm and General of Tyriants army came charging forward and collided with the Dragon Slayer. The Two erupted in a great battle, as Tyriant also engaged Neruth. Feeling Neruths pain and becoming fatigued from Ornyrs Mortality. The two knew they would have to end it soon. Neruth charged towards Norruth and knocked him back. Giving Ornyrs the moment he to gather the strength he needed. In an upwards slash of great moment he slew Norruth, severing his head. Tyriant at that moment, unleashed the greatest breath he ever unleashed upon them. Neruth was able to block the damage from Ornyrs but was greatly damaged. Ornyrs knew he was going to lose. His 4 lords then arrived on their Dragons, ready to meet their foe and recovered from the blast. Tyriant knew he could not face the four of them and in one loud roar unleashed a cloud of magical darkness that covered the battle field and fled. With both armies commanders beaten, and both armies suffering great losses from the armies of man, The Council and the Wards of Balance, the fighting ceased. Each side retreated and the armies of man gathered around their King and their 4 lords. Ornyrs then declared, " We have won and balance has been restored. We have suffered great losses and I fear we have to lose more still. We shall stay with our Dragons, for we are bound to them. We shall come back with you and declare our heirs as King, and Lords of the nations of man. We then must retreat until such a time that balance must be restored again and you must not know of our locations. Know though, that we are watching and will help when the time arises." They then travelled to their capitals, and each Lord told their heir of the Covenant that they had made with the Gem Dragons and their destiny. When your heir comes of age, your time comes to become the Dragon Slayer if the previous one has passed away. There must always be balance. After that each Dragon Slayer and their Dragons departed and disappeared until the time came for a new Dragon Slayer or balance to be restored. 500 years passed since Tyriants defeat at the hands of the mortals and the Gem Dragons. As the time passed his hatred and rage grew until he came up with a plan. By creating a circle of necromancy and by means of his own soul he would make his own vassel. One to dominate the mortals subject only to his will, while he once again ruled his brethren. He found many subjects willing to try the experiment throughout the experiment; however, all failed as his soul would completely devour the mortal souls. Almost going mad because of his failings, he decided to await one with a soul as dark as his. It would be another 225 years before he heard word of one who could possibly succeed where others fail. Times were much different than when the Amythest keep had been established and each country had grown; however, crime had grown rampart. Warlords had started springing up and rising against the empire. Not only that but a human male was gaining fame. A ruthless killer known simply as Deathblade, for his skill with a sword was unmatched. Any who dared stand in his path were cut down without mercy. He razed towns and slaughtered the towns folk in attempts to find an equal. Tyriant grew more and more interested in this Deathblade and decided to take action. He would cross swords in a human form with Deathblade to see if he was worthy.

After Deathblade razed Strongfair, a town located in Aslein, Tyriant approached him. As he approached, he noticed the human in a duel with a human paladin. Tyriant walked up and covered the area in magical darkness. The Paladin had become disoriented but could feel the Dragons presence and was frightened.  Deathblade on the other hand, had become only more furious. His rage over powered the Dragon fear as Tyriant closed the distance. " I have an offer for your mortal, find me in the swamps to the southeast. Before you do, kill 100 mortals and bring me a trophy from each. I will grant you all the power you desire if you prove yourself worthy before me. I am the Black Dragon Tyriant, know this. You have been chosen to become the vassel of my power." Tyriants voice thundered, " Prove Yourself Worthy! Starting with this mortal!" 

With that Tyriant broke his human form and revealed himself to Deathblade. Breaking the magical darkness for both of the combatants to see. With a great swoop of his wings he took off, with both humans in awe. Deathblade stood motionless for a moment contemplating the offer. He then dashed towards the paladin declaring, " Ill play this Dragons game, for now. I shall bring his trophies, starting with you!" The paladin leapt up with renewed vigor, and the battle raged on. Steel and blood flew in the air as both combatants were hacking and slashing at each other. Deathblade started pushing forward until the Paladin was cornered. The paladins platemail was preventing the killing blow and he knew he could feel his wearyness coming on. In a flash, Deathblade swung his sword with as his might downwards and brought the Paladin to his knees, dropping his great mace. Deathblade picked up the mace and swung it square at the paladins chest. The mace smashed the plate, and devastated the paladin. Falling backwards, Deathblade approached his opponent. "You were my first real challenge Paladin and ill give you that. You heard the Dragon though, you are the first of the challenges in my rise to power. Know this Paladin, I will gain that power, and when I do. All will kneel before me." Moving his sword to the Paladins throat, "Even the Gods." The tip of Deathblades swords sunk into its target. The Paladin was dead. Deathblade grabbed the symbol of Heironeous he had around his neck as his first prize. He then left and continuing down his path of destruction and chaos. An hour after Deathblade left, Heironeous appeared before the Paladin. "Arise Paladin and listen." The Paladin came into consciousness. Wondering what was happening he looked upon Heironeous. "My Lord!" He immediately knelt before him. "Listen to me," The aspect replied. "The chains of fate have been broken, and the die has been cast. Events approach that will bring only death and destruction in its wake and I have chosen you to become something more. My fist of Justice against the one who had slain you. You will be known as Dawnblade Champion of Heironeous. Go to the Dwarven Territories and seek the blacksmith Garner. Finding him will be your first test of loyalty and wits. He will train you in the art of blacksmithing. When your apprenticeship is done. You will forge a new blade with the inscription, Dawnblade, sword of light. The blade must be masterworked and must be a greatsword. You will then seek Horkom Battlebeard, leader of the dwarven order of the Stoneskins. They are dedicated to my cause and I will approach them to let them know of your coming. Here you will master your abilities as a Paladin and Master the sword you have made. When you are given the title of Commander of the East Guard, I will approach you and the order again to give new instructions. That is when the real test will begin, be strong my friend." He placed his hand upon The Paladins shoulder. "Darkness fast approaches and you wil have to be strong to triumph." In a flash of light he disappeared. Dawnblade headed for the Dwarven territories in hopes to find more information on the Blacksmith Garner. Deathblade headed to the town of Sparrowight, a small village located near the border of Aslein into Uslyae. He had slaughtered the small village of 30. Grabbing a prize from each. He then started to grow impatient as he had grown to crave this new power the Dragon offered. Deciding to think bigger he headed towards the swamp itself. There were 3 towns along the way, each with a population of around 40. Killing all of the guards in each town, he enslaved them. The fingers had begun to decay and were smelling rotten. When he enslaved the 2nd town, a man begged for his life and offered to teach him a ritual that could unlock his weapons potential if he spared him. Accepting the offer, the man had taught him the ritual. Deathblade slew the man, and named the sword after what people had called him. Once he reached the swamp, he had found a great cavern had been dug into a mountain. At the entrance stood a man in a black robe with horns coming out of his head, with piercing green eyes. His body had looked like it was decaying and the man smiled maniacly. "I see you have brought my trophies, come with me." They entered the great cavern, inside it was pure blackness only lit by Deathblades torch. They followed a series of paths until they came across an underground chamber. The room was lit only by a few torches on the wall and the floor was only visible enough to make out some markings. As they entered the room Tyriant walked to the opposite side and begun to transform into his True form. He turned to Deathblade, " First bring me the children, so that I may devour them. Then, as the woman weep slay them and bring the corpses to me. I will devour them as well. When the men are left remaining, bring me the 10 most broken ones. The rest bring to the center of the room." Deathblade proceeded to do Tyriants bidding. First, bringing the children. So that their parents watched as they were devoured one by one. He then proceeded to kill the women as they cried over their children one by one. Their husbands screaming and clawing at him trying to stop him, but to no avail. When the last woman was brought forth and devoured, Deathblade scanned the room, he noticed 17 of the men had stopped crying and were simply spaced out and broken. He brought them forth to Tyriant. " I said 10," he simply replied. Deathblade turned and saw a pile of weapons. Grabbing 10 blades and throwing them in the middle of the 17 men, he smiled maniaclly. "The first 7 to die will simply do that. The other 10 who survive shall be rewarded with their freedom." The men all turned and looked at each other. The first one to grab a blade ran towards Deathblade. In one fell swoop of his sword, Deathblade cut him in half. His blade gave off a dim glow when he had done so. Only bright enough for him to notice in the instant it did. The men saw and became afraid. One was looking particularly wild and in a fit of passion grabbed an axe and slashed at his fellow slave, cutting off his arm. The others all started going savage on each other, clawing and biting. Fighting for weapons. What ever they could do to survive. Deathblade had counted 5 deaths before he stepped forward and cut the weakest one down. They all turned and faced Deathblade. Deathblade retorted, "The fight is done. As promised, here is your freedom. Here are your 10 Tyriant." Tyriant began to laugh maniaclly, " Yes, here are our first generals." In a flash of light, all of the men fell over dead. Magic began to swarm their bodies and they all lifted off the ground as their skin and flesh began to melt away. Their eyes began to glow green as black robes draped their bodies. As they came to the ground they all kneeled before Tyriant and Deathblade. "Now bring the rest to the center of the room. It is time I gave you my reward." Tyriants voice calmly echo'd. Deathblade was a bit hesitant, however, the sword spoke in his mind. "Together we are just as strong as he is. Prove your worthiness, you created me out of a piece of your own soul, I am you and you are myself. I have drank lots of blood and have become powerful in my own right. If he tries anything we shall slay him like the others!" Deathblade smiled and grabbed the chain of the wimpering slaves that were left and led them to the center of the room. The 10 men who were now liches, all spread out evenly in a circle around the room. A blue flame appeared in each of their hands and lit up the room. A circle with strange runes encompassed the room glowing dimly. " Proceed to the opposite end of the circle as myself and face me," Tyriant announced. " If you truly are strong enough, then we shall conquer this world, and the gods will fear us." Deathblade walked to the other end of the room and faced Tyriant. " NOW IT BEGINS!" Tyriant roared. The flames parted from the liches hands and began to circle the room. Darkness began to seep out of the edges of the circle forming a wall around it. The flames began to spin faster and faster as the liches began to glow an ominious red. They began to rise as a strange mist began to form in the center. The slaves began to shriek in extreme pain as their flesh and bone began to turn into dust and their souls rose from their bodies circling the room. At this moment Deathblade felt a shot of pain, he could tell Tyriant had felt it too. The souls then moved towards the center of the room, forming a pillar. In a bright flash of light two beams shot out towards both Deathblade and Tyriant. The liches tilled their heads up and in an explosion both Deathblade's and Tyriants souls were ripped from their bodies and both were brought to their knees. Tyriant let out a mighty roar that shook the room; however, Deathblade remained silent. Using the pain he had felt to bring clairty to his mind. Letting his rage build. As he looked towards the center of the room, a shadow of what appeared to be himself was wrestling with the Dragons soul. Tyriants green eyes flared in the darkness. " My soul is transforming you into my aspect. This shall take several minutes and you must survive. If you do not, then my power will overtake you and you shall become my thrall!" Deathblade was then brought to his knees as the Black Dragons soul began to overtake his. His sword began to seep darkness, and it shot out of its hilt. Flying towards Deathblades soul which was now pinned by the Dragons. His shadow grabbed the sword and started to fight its way back to its feet. Both souls began to circle one another and charged forward at the same time. Deathblades shadow drove the sword through the Shadow Dragons heart and green light exploded outwards. Deathblade was then lifted and Strange Platemail began to take shape and shot forward binding him in it. Deathblade let out a roar of rage as the pain began to overtake his senses. The helmet started to becomed formed like a Dragons face and started growing horns, the gauntlets and boots developed claws, and the shoulders developed teeth around the edges. The armor then started to become more skeletal in appearance and a gold trim formed around the armor. A burst of shadow shot forth from the armor blanketing the room and bringing everything to an immediate halt. Deathblade looked around the darkness and noticed that not only could he see, but he felt immense power flowing through himself. He had risen to a new height. He triumphiantly roared," YES! THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! THIS POWER!" "We are merely a slave for now," The sword interrupted, "There is still room to grow. Soon we shall become the master." Deathblade then turned to Tyriant who was staring at him. "Come forward my Grand General." Tyriants voice echo'd. Deathblade approached and knelt. "Now is the time to teach you how to use your power. Then we shall bring chaos to this world and the gods." Four years had passed, Dawnblade had found the blacksmith Garner in the Dwarven Capital of Iron Thal. He was on the last days of his apprenticeship and had become a fine weapon crafter. One night he had a dream, The Aspect of Heironious was standing above a Large Deposit of What Appeared to be a Strange Glowing white metal. Dawnblade recognized the grove that they were in. It was located outside of Iron Thal and no metal was known to be there. " Come and meet me here, all will be clear." With that Dawnblade had awoken. That morning Dawnblade approached Garner. Garner was working on the hilt of a dwarven waraxe in his workshop. "Master.." Before Dawnblade could finish his sentence, Garner interrupted, " Before you say anything. You have my blessing to leave the city for now. Your apprenticeship is not complete yet." Dawnblade nodded, grabbed his masters donkey and cart and headed towards the grove. As he left the city and arrived at the grove he noticed it was eerily calm. A bright light was shining in the distance and he approached it. Heironious was standing before some sort of glowing ore and Dawnblade knelt before him. " This is Orichalcum that I have blessed. This is what you will make the sword from." He then approached Dawnblade putting a hand on his shoulder. " Arise, Dawnblade, Champion of Light your training is not yet complete. Crafting the weapon is only the first test in weilding it. You must prove your worthiness and it will only be as strong as you are." A bright flash blinded Dawnblade for a moment and when he had regained his vision, Heironious was gone. He then loaded the Orichalcum into the cart and headed back towards the city. When he arrived at his masters workshop, his master greeted him and brought him inside. "Its time you know who I am truly and why you were sent here. I am Garner Stoneskin, Paladin to Heironious and Founder of the Stoneskins." Garner opened a trunk and pulled out schematics for a greatsword with what Dawnblade recognized as an amulet of Heironious. "Take these, follow the instructions. When you are finished find me at my home." For days, Dawnblade poured sweat and soul into this blade. The blade was Diamond tipped with red and gold dancing along the blade, a straight edge along one side and a curved edge along the other. Adamantium edged the blade. The crossguard in the shape of wings with the symbol of Heironious embedded in the crossguard. He decorated the sword by adding a Darkwood grip and inscribed, Dawnblade Sword of light into the blade. Writing it in Dwarven in honor of his master. He then crafted a sheath for the weapon from leather and dyed it Gold. Finishing the blade, he donned his old armor. He placed the sword on his bed, kneeling he prayed to Heironious. The blade lit up with golden light for a moment. Heironious then appeared before Dawnblade. "The blade is perfect, can you not here it sing with light." He paused for a moment. " You have crafted a fine blade and it is yours, yourself and it are one. Now go see Garner, when the time is right I shall find you." He then vanished in a flash of light. Dawnblade grabbed the greatsword and headed towards Garners home. When he arrived at Garners home. A Dwarf in Platemail opened the door. " Ahh yes, come inside Champion of Light," The Dwarf with the beard of fire had a calming voice. As he entered the house, Garner was sitting on a chair. A pure black lion man stood to his right and the only thing not black were his eyes, which were a piercing blue." Dawnblade, You've jusy met Horkom Battlebeard. My former squire and now leader of the Stoneskins. He will teach you how to further your abilities as a Paladin, and has agreed to take you personally as his squire." Dawnblade shook Horkoms hand. " This Monstrous Bastard," Garner chuckled as he pointed to the Lion man, " This is Jungle the Magnificent Bastard. He is the greatest swordsman among his race in the wildlands known as the Leodes, a good friend" The Leode glared at him. "Okay, Okay. His real name is Demon, King of Braves, born of Goldenmane of House Gaogaigar, Slayer of Kovinth The Black Dread, Rival of Law, Uniter of Clans and Champion of Peace. I call him Jungle because he looks like he came from the Jungle. The rest says it all." He chuckled, and then gulped as The Leode was now staring him down. The Leode then smirked and in a deep growl replied, " You're lucky you grew old Garner. You're no longer my equal," Demon chuckled. " Anyways," Garner turned to Dawnblade, " Hes going to teach you how to use your blade. You'll find his methods might be a bit...uncanny," The Leode was staring at Dawnblade and appeared to be giving a somewhat sinister smile." The brightside is you won't find a better teacher." Garner got up and walked towards Dawnblade," You've been like a son to me, and I leave you in the good hands. Horkom was my greatest pupil and the first of the sons I've never had, and Jungle is my best friend. Make sure you visit your old man when you get a break." Dawnblade hugged him and thanked him. They then left for the barracks of the Stoneskins to begin Dawnblades training. Deathblades training had been completed for some time, and he had grown remarkably strong. Tyriant had decided it was time to test his Grand General and Aspect. He sent him to conquer Aslein. Deathblade took his 10 generals and headed for the town of Sparrowight where he first became more. He slayed anyone who he came across, letting his armor and his blade soak in blood. When he arrived he slew the entire town, and it was here he raised the beginnings of his undead army. He then vanquished 4 towns along the edge of the border to keep suspicions down. He then started moving towards the capital of Aslein. The King of Aslein at the time was Artur Heartspirit and was destined to become a member of The Council and the Wards of Balance. Noticing towns going off the grid he sent 50 of his soldiers to investigate. What they found was an army of around 200 undead and their general. All of the undead had red eyes while the Liches had green. 3 soldiers had run away but the rest were absorbed into the undead mass. Deathblade knew he would have to strike quick or he would surely be met with resistance. However, he felt an incredible pain that shot through his body. Bringing him to his knees, He let out a loud roar as the pain became overwhelming. "We are becoming stronger," The sword whispered. "Let your rage fuel you, WE ARE BECOMING STRONGER," The Sword was screaming in his mind. His armor began transforming again. A tail grew out from the armor,and the armor turned a Jet black. He could feel his "skin" decaying around the horns and cheekbones. He could feel how powerful he was becoming. "Your awfully calm," The sword whispered. "Like you said," He replied looking towards the Capital Airedale. "We are a slave for now, soon we will be the master." He marched forward. The 3 that got away had alerted the King, and he was able to amass 100 men. He also sent word to the Human capital of Destrau in Duwhocia. Tyriant had been watching and was impressed with how far Deathblade had progressed. He was truly his prized possession and so he left his home to take the first of his thrones. When he arrived at Deathblades encampment, he could feel his Possessions agitation. " The time has come to take the capital, you have done well my Grand General..." "I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP," Deathblade retorted. Tyriant grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air. " Remember who gave you your power." He slammed Deathblade on the ground. "REMEMBER I CAN MAKE YOU MY COMPLETE VASSEL AND WHO HAS THE POWER!" He grabbed Deathblade by the face, lifted him up and slammed him again. " You might be powerful, but you are not my equal. Remember that." With that he let go of Deathblade. "Soon," The Sword whispered. Tyriant turned to face Deathblade. " Soon what?" " The world will be ours, and I will bring it to you My lord." He got up and knelt before Tyriant. Tyriant looked at him eeirly. " Come gather your generals, we shall march forth and take what is ours." Airedale never stood a chance. Tyriants flames melted the walls, and the Crystal Dragon Statue that the city was famous for was melted into a pool of nothing. Deathblade was able to march into the city unhindered and was met with screams of agony instead of resistance as flames consumed the city. Bursting forward through the Central keeps halls, Deathblade met Artur Heartspirit sitting on his throne with his longsword across his legs. "You have come for my throne but I will not..." Deathblade burst forward grabbing Artur by the throat. " You will not what? Give it up so easily?" He crushed his windpipe and dropped him on the floor. As Artur was gasping for air, unable to breathe, Deathblade circled him like how a wild animal circles its pray. " Get up King of Aslein! I heard you were all great warriors, was I mistaken?" Deathblade taunted. The king with his dying breath reached for his crown. Just as his hand touched it Deathblade crushed his head with his foot. Picking the crystal crown off the ground, Deathblade turned to face Tyriant. He walked up and knelt before the Black Dragon. Holding the crown above his head, Tyriant snatched the crown. Walking towards the throne, he seemed to be admiring the crown. As he sat on the throne it seemed to decay in places. Looking towards Deathblade he announced, " You have done well my Grand General and you grow more powerful with each battle. However, there are 4 more crowns to complete the set, and I must have them. Soon you will meet your second challenge and we shall see what happens."

Still working on the lore, check back soon to find more.

Dragon Slayer Notables[edit]

Forever more, shall I rule with an iron first. Forever more, this land shall be mine. Not even the Gods can stand before me!
—Deathblade, Human Dragon Slayer

First Dragon Slayer of the Order of Blood Seekers, he was the first Black Dragon Slayer made. He slaughtered an entire town and fed the children of the village to the Black Dragon Tyriant, who in turn taught him the powers of the Black Dragon. Most notable achievement, conquered the humans and elves and was only challenged by the dwarves who hid in their mountains. Was only defeated when Dawn Blade, Founder of the Golden Dawn, sealed him within a great mountain along with Tyriant. The battle was said to have shook the lands as a Golden Great Wyrm and Dawn Blade challenged the vial beasts. Not much is known of what happened after. Rumors say that somehow Deathblade has survived all these years, gaining immortality from the black dragons blood he drank. These are just rumors however. No one truly knows what happened.

For truth, honor, and justice!
—Dawnblade, Human Dragon Slayer

The First Golden Dragon Slayer, founded the Order of the Golden Dawn and taught the basics of Dragon slaying to any willing to learn. He developed friendly relations with a Golden Great wyrm and was noted as having ridden into battle on him once or twice. Not much else is known other than his battle with Deathblade. Time tends to cover the truth with myths.

The thrill of the hunt, the blood boiling in your veins, the truth that fills your heart helping the weak, this is what it means to be Dragon Slayer!
—Unknown, Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayers in the Game[edit]

Discuss with your DM how Dragon Slayers can be incorporated into your game. This is mainly for those who love fighting bigger creatures than them like me and get a rush out of it. Chances are if your not careful you will die.

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