Dragon Magazine 54

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Dragon Magazine 54
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Publisher: Jake Jaquet
Release Date: October 1981
Format: Magazine
Page Count: 81
ISBN-10: none
Price: $3.00
Product Blurb:
  • Competition module
  • Preparing a pantheon
  • Risks among the ruins
This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.


  • Special Attraction
    • Cavern Quest - Special competition module for AD&D adventuring
  • Other Features
    • Down-to-earth divinity - creating a playable pantheon
    • Ruins: Rotted & risky but rewarding
      • Includes random roll table for determining buildign types.
    • These are the breaks - Damaged weapons
    • The winners! - Trophy takers at Gen Con XIV
    • Thieves Guild: Designers' notes
    • "Abomination" - Spooky fiction
    • Cash & carry for cowboys - Boot Hill prices
  • Regular offerings
    • Out on a Limb - Letters from readers
    • Larger Than Life - The Rigeteous Robbers
    • Sage Advice
    • Giants In the Earth
    • Dragon's Bestiary: Boggart, Stroan, Incubus
    • Dragons' Augury: Thieves Guild products, Barbarian Prince
    • Convention calendar
    • Minarian Legends - The History of Rombune
    • Simulation Corner - Practicing Game Design III: Rules of realism
    • Bazarr of the Bizarre - Feather Tokens (Bridge, Chest, Crown, Flame, Sword, Wing, Arbor, Eye, Finger, Key, Jug, Bind, Spoon, Stone), The Skull Mace, Mace of Pain, Bottle of Undead
    • The Electric Eye
    • Dragon Mirth
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