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Dragon Knight[edit]

Fighter Subclass

A Dragon Knight is born when a knight discovers and embraces a draconic presence in their ancestral bloodline. They change physically and mentally as they accept their draconic blood and use it, for better or for worse, to decimate their enemies on the battlefield. Clad in platemail and sword in hand they battle their enemies. When the odds turn against them, they take flight on dragon wings, breathing lightning, swinging swords of fire, or firing arrows of ice. The dragon knight brings the fury of dragons and places it in the hands of mortal men.

Draconic Inheritance

At level 3 you can tap into your draconic heritage, similar to the draconic bloodline sorcerer. You choose a dragon type from either the metallic or chromatic dragon list. You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain a breath attack of your draconic type (Acid, poison, lightning, fire, acid, cold, or shadow) this attack does 3d8 dmg in a 30 ft cone. You can use this attack once per long rest.
  • You gain resistance to the damage type of your draconic ancestor.
  • You can speak, read, and write draconic in addition to your other languages.
Elemental Affinity

At level 7, you have delved deeper into your ancestry. You begin to take on some physical attributes of your ancestor including the beginning of scales and changing eyes. At this level, you can infuse your weapon with the element of your ancestor. You add 1d8+proficiency mod of your elemental damage to weapon attacks and any attack that would use your elemental damage. In addition, when an attack fails to hit your AC, you can use your reaction to deal 2d6 elemental damage to the attacker.

Draconic Command

At level 10, you have completely accepted your heritage. You gain the following benefits:

  • Once a day, you can use your action to make a draconic humanoid you can see within range to make a wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the draconic humanoid will be charmed for one minute and not attack you or your allies.
  • Once per short rest, you can use your action to call upon your draconic heritage. Make a constitution saving throw. On a pass, all attacks of that turn will hit with maximum elemental damage.
  • You have advantage on Charisma checks involving draconic humanoids.
Gift of Flight

At level 15, your physical appearance has been drastically changed by your draconic heritage. You grow claws, the beginning of horns and scales cover about 50% of your body. Your AC increases by 1 and you receive 1 additional HP per fighter level. You grow permanent wings that grant you a 40ft (average) flight speed.

Dragon Form

At the 18th level, your ancestor has granted you the ultimate gift. Once per day, you can polymorph into a dragon of your elemental affinity with stats equal to that of a young dragon of that type. While in dragon form, you maintain all of your abilities in addition to those gained in dragon form. You can maintain this form until you dismiss the magic or for one hour. In addition, your elemental affinity increases by 1d8 and you can now use you’re your Draconic Command abilities 2 per long rest for the first, and 3 per short rest for the second.

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