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龍爪 Dragon Claw[edit]

The monastic order of the dragon claw takes only disciples with draconic blood. It aims to unlock the full martial potential of this noble heritage.


Monks of the Dragon Claw may multiclass freely as Sorcerers.

Bonus Language[edit]

Draconic (replaces skill bonus)

1st-Level Feat[edit]

Draconic Heritage (CA 77)

2nd-Level Feat[edit]

Draconic Skin (CA 78)

6th-Level Feat[edit]

Draconic Resistance (CA 78)

6th-Level Bonus Ability[edit]

6th level bonus ability: Monks of the Dragon Claw treat any natural attacks they gain by race, class or feat (not by spells) as unarmed attacks for the purpose of using monk abilities. This includes flurry of blows and ki strike. They may use their monk unarmed damage for natural attacks if it is higher.


Prerequisites: Knowledge (arcana) 4 ranks

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