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Draconic Warrior[edit]

Sorcerer Sometimes the draconic blood in someone will manifest as a blade pushing the sorcerer to be more of a spell sword, these are called Draconic Warriors

Dragon type

Starting at level one you must choose what type of dragon you inherited your powers from. You gain resistance to the damage type of it's breath weapon and it will also affect later abilities.

Dragon Scales

Your draconic heritage has caused your skin to harden, creating scale like calices. Whenever you aren’t armored, your armor class becomes 13+dex. You don’t lose this benefit if you are using a shield.

Draconic Blade

Whenever you choose this subclass, you gain the power to imbue your weapon with draconic energy. After performing a 1 hour ritual, a one handed weapon of your choice becomes bonded to you, and you become proficient with that weapon. You have the ability to summon your bonded weapon to your hand as a bonus action, and whenever you make a melee attack with your bonded weapon, you can choose to expend a spell slot to deal an additional 1d8 damage per level of the spell slot expended. Your bonded weapon acts as your spellcasting focus.

Improved blade

Starting at level 6, your Draconic Blade gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and if you make the attack action, you can attack twice, instead of once.

Draconic Prowess

At 6th level, you have become adept at using your Draconic Element. Whenever you cast a spell (or use your Draconic Blade or Draconic blast) that does the same kind of damage as your Dragon Type, then you can reroll all 1’s and 2’s whenever determining damage.

Draconic Blast

At 6th level, your Draconic energy has become exceptionally powerful. Whenever you make the attack action with your Draconic Blade, then you can forgo one of your attacks and expend a sorcery point to launch a draconic blast. The draconic blast can have either a range of a 30ft line, or a 15ft cone, and any creature within that cone is forced to make a dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take 2d8 damage, with the same damage type as your Dragon Type. the damage of the draconic blast increases to 3d8 at level 14 and to 4d8 at level 18

Masterful Blade

Starting at 14th level your blade grows powerful still, dealing an additional 1d8 damage of your Draconic Type, and an additional 1d8 damage if you choose to use your Draconic Blade feature

Elemental Master

At 14th level, any damage you deal of your Draconic Type ignores resistances, and treats immunity as resistance.

Dragon Soul

Starting at 18th level you can expend 4 sorcery points to gain the ferocity of a dragon for up to 10 minutes. Your AC is increased by 3, your strength is increased to 22, and you gain a flight speed of 60ft, along with a truesight of 120ft. While you are in this state, you can expend 2 sorcery points to force all creatures within 60 feet of you to make a wisdom saving throw, or become frightened of you for the next 10 minutes. A creature frightened this way must spend his action trying to get as far away from you as possible, and only take the dodge action if they are cornered.

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