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Draconic Mount [General]

Your mount gains dragonlike features.
Prerequisite: Special Mount class feature, OR Waverider Mount class feature, OR any other Mount class feature which does not use Animal Companion progression by default
Benefit: Your mount gains the Half-Dragon template, with the following adjustments:

A mount does not gain a breath weapon.

If your mount is large enough to gain a fly speed, the fly speed is based on the mount's primary movement mode. If your mount already has a fly speed, you may choose to retain the existing fly speed and maneuverability or replace them with the fly speed and maneuverability you are eligible for as a result of this feat. You must choose one option or the other, you cannot combine them. For example, if your mount has a fly speed of 40ft. with good maneuverability and this feat would entitle your mount to a fly speed of 60ft. with average maneuverability, you cannot gain a fly speed of 60ft. with good maneuverability. If your effective class or character level is high enough to grant a bonus to movement speed, such as a Paladin of 8th level or higher, that bonus is applied after determining the mount's base fly speed. In addition, the mount's fly speed does not increase as a result of such a feature. If the mount cannot breath air, and gains a fly speed as a result of this feat, it gains the ability to hold its breath when out of water for a number of rounds equal to half the mount's constitution modifier, rounded down. If this result is 0 or less, it does not gain the ability to hold its breath.

If the mount does not have limbs appropriate for making claw attacks, the mount does not gain claw attacks. If the mount has suitable limbs but already has a natural attack which corresponds with those limbs, you may choose to replace the existing natural attack with the pair of claw attacks to which the mount is entitled.

For example:

A heavy warhorse has suitable limbs with a pair of hoof attacks. You may choose to replace this with a pair of claw attacks instead.

A dire wolf has suitable limbs without a natural attack. The mount gains a pair of claw attacks.

A dire bat does not have suitable limbs. It does not gain claw attacks.

If the creature does not gain claw attacks and does not already have a primary natural weapon, it gains a bite attack as a primary natural weapon. Otherwise, it gains a bite attack as a secondary natural weapon.

Your effective class or character level for the purpose of determining your mount's abilities is reduced by 3, in addition to any penalties for non-standard mounts. You cannot take this feat if doing so would reduce your effective level below 1.

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