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Oh, shit, draconae!
—Zaer, satyr trooper


Draconae range from the farthest corners of Min-Taurus to the foothills of the Mountains of the Sun.

Size/Type: Large Dragon
Hit Dice: 9d12+63 (121 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 50 ft
Armor Class: 18 (+1 dex, -1 size, +8 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 18
Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+4/+19
Attack: Mwk Falchion +16 melee (2d6 +6) or Shortbow +9 ranged (1d8/20x3) or bite +14 melee (1d6 +6) or claw +14 melee (1d6 +6)
Full Attack: Mwk Falchion +16/+11 melee (2d6 +6) and bite +14/+9 melee (1d6 +6 + poison) and 2 claws +12/+7 melee (1d6 +6 + poison)
Space/Reach: 10 ft/5 ft
Special Attacks: Spell-like abilities, breath weapon (fire 4d6, 1/1d4 rounds, 50 ft cone, reflex save dc 17 half), poison (save dc 17, primary damage 2d6 strength, secondary damage 5d6 acid)
Special Qualities: immunity to fire and acid, dr 15/magic, SR 20, dragon traits.
Saves: Fort +13, Ref +7, Will +7
Abilities: Str 22, Dex 13, Con 25, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 14
Skills: climb +20, jump +26, balance +20, spot +15, listen +15, move silently +13, hide +9 (+13 in hilly or rocky terrain), survival +13, swim +22.
Feats: Weapon Focus (Falchion), Dodge (bonus), Mobility, Spring Attack, Cleave
Environment: Warm or temperate hills.
Organization: solitary, pair, or gang (3-12)
Challenge Rating: 8
Treasure: standard.
Alignment: often neutral.
Advancement: 10-13 hd (large), 14-17 hd (huge) or by character class.
Level Adjustment: +7

A large, reptilian beast slithers softly through the grass, making little noise as it advances upon you with a falchion held low. It's forked tongue flickers in and out, as if tasting the air, and it exhales flames as it does so. It has a six limbed body, and looks like a draconian centaur.

Draconae are beasts that roam the hills of the Northern Continent, seeking out prey and avoiding their larger relatives.


Draconae seek to ambush prey if at all possible, unleashing a few volleys of arrows to start a fight. Once engaged in combat, however, they attack with abandon, using both their natural and manufactured weapons along with spell-like abilities and breath weapon.

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