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A mistress punishing her slave.
by John Willie

At some point in your life, you perform pleasure and feel the power of being in charge, something that gives you liveliness. Unlike a prostitute or courtesan, a domineering woman knows very well what she wants and what pleases her. That is why she is not paid to do undesirable work since she commands her submissives. It can be viewed professionally or simply personal as it can carry this philosophy throughout your personality and the way you view the world. The dominatrix can consistently and responsibly perform this fetish and respect its submissive before pushing it to the limit or simply using its will and indulging in sadism for the sake of pleasure. When making a character with this background ask yourself these questions: What led your character this way? Did something in your destiny compel you? Was it a twisted and unfortunate fate? Or was it by your own choice? How much does this psychologically build your character? Is it in your nature to dominate or is it simply about money? What are the limits that define your way of dominating? Do you take domination to other areas of your life or just where you want to attend? Do violence and pleasure really go together or is this for your character just an act? Ask, because the only one who can ask questions here is the dominator.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two of the following: Deception, Intimidation,Performance and Persuasion.

Tool Proficiencies: You may choose a proficiency in two tools from the following options: Disguise Kit, Poisoner's kit, Thieves' tools, and Torture Tools.

Languages: Two of your choice.

Equipment: Thieves' tools, a Whip or dagger, Chain, A Pair of Shackles, Fine clothes, Entertainer's Pack, Mirror, Oil, Silk Rope, Belt Pouch with 15 Gold.


As an option, every Mistress has her specialty or preference when it comes to fetishes.

d10 Specialization
1 Sadism
2 Masochism
3 Macrophilia
4 Choking
5 Bondage
6 Choreophilia
7 Teratophilia
8 Exhibitionism
9 Voyeurism
10 Microphilia

Feature: Dominating Presence[edit]

Whenever people are around them, they feel a dominant and empowering aura. Because of this, many people tend to be intimidated by you and avoid you as much as possible. However, your presence can also be used to your advantage; extracting information is easier for you because people crack under the pressure of your dominance. Likewise, people find it harder to deceive or withhold information from you.

As such, you gain advantages on Persuasion & Insight checks.

Alternate Feature: Personal Slave[edit]

At some point in her life as a Dominatrix, she chose one of her submissives either by force or merit, to bring with her on her travels. Choose this trait to earn a loyal slave who will perform as your pet.

This character is a peasant or ordinary person who can perform common tasks ordered by you, but cannot fight for you, though is always very willing to obey.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Dominatrixes not only play a lifestyle about pleasure but also act on the minds of many people. With this, there is a vast personality behind each individual. Therefore, one must be sure and firm of their dominant beliefs.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I'm always extremely flirtatious despite sex, gender, body, etc.
2 I believe that torture is an art and works very hard to do it perfectly.
3 Everything for me can easily become sexual and wanton
4 I rarely get undressed and lose my composure, always staying above the rest
5 My voice and body language tends to keep up with my arousal level
6 I tend to get violent the more the victim shows mental or bodily resistance to my antics.
7 I always reward those who are obedient and easily willing to enslave
8 My body and my devices must always be clean and ready to act.
d6 Ideal
1 Psychologist My job is to psychologically fix something that's broken. (Good)
2 Independence I do what I'm good at because what I'm good at is good for me. (Neutral)
3 Merciless The more the suffering and pain I inflict, the more I enjoy my work. (Evil)
4 Follower I follow all the teachings to which you have been instructed and empowered (Lawful)
5 Hedonist My pleasure is above the others, I only do what pleases me. (Chaotic)
6 Proffesionalism. Money pays the bills (any)
d6 Bond
1 I love myself, and that means doing everything to please me.
2 I have a duty, and I would do anything to honor it.
3 I was born to do this. It's my calling.
4 I have a mistress and i want to make her proud
5 How can people experience true pleasure if I don't do this?
6 I can't stop doing it, no matter how hard i try
d6 Flaw
1 I have an easy tendency to lose my patience.
2 I am a person with cold nature.
3 Everything about me tends to become sexually dirty.
4 My thirst for pleasure-seeking is insatiable.
5 I tend to be irreducible when I have a formed opinion.
6 I use every means to get my own pleasure.

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