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Variant Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Dodge, Variant Dexterity 13 or higher You are skilled at dodging attacks.
Endure Sunlight Vulnerability to sunlight You have learned to endure the day that so pains others of your kind.
Enhance Spell, Variant Maximize Spell.
Extra Turning, Variant by Zau Cha 13, ability to turn/rebuke undead Get a Charisma bonus with extra turning feat.
Forger You are an accomplished forger.
Rapid Reload, Variant Weapon Proficiency (ranged weapon with a reload time). You know how to reduce the time it takes you to reload a weapon that you are proficient with.
Spell Focus, Variant Choose a school of magic (such as illusion) or a spell descriptor (such as mind effecting or fire).
Toughness, Variant Constitution 13+ You are much tougher than the average guy or gal of your race.
Webwalker You can walk on webs like a spider.
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