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Ever since that pesky Xanathar's Guide to Everything came out, the Coffeelock has been a much harder class to pull off. According to the "rules" introduced therein, if you don't rest often enough, you start to take levels of exaustion. Six of those, and you die. Clearly, the Coffeelock needs some way to remove levels of exhaustion WITHOUT the need for sleep.

Thankfully, in the very tome that should have sealed the Coffeelock's doom is included its salvation: the Divine Soul Sorcerer. This special little Sorc has many fun benefits, but the most important is access to the Cleric spell list, including a certain 5th level spell called Greater Restoration.

The goal is simple: Make a Divine Soul Sorcerer. Get to level nine. Learn Greater Restoration. Take five levels in Warlock. And then... use that sweet, sweet Coffeelock exploit!

For the uninitiated, here's how that works: The Sorcerer's Flexible Casting feature lets you convert your spell slots into Sorcery Points and vice versa, but it doesn't specify WHICH spell slots you can convert; multiclass casters use a separate table from the Sorcerer's, so if you should happen to be a Sorcerer/Wizard, you would use the same slots for both classes and be able to use Sorcery Points for both. This is important, because the Warlock's Pact Magic feature gives them slots of their own, separate from other classes, that recharge at the end of a short rest.

You can see where I'm going with this. In your daily adventures, try to rely solely on your Sorcerer spells. Then, whenever you're about to take a short rest, convert all your Sorcery Points into spell slots and turn your Warlock slots into more Sorcery Points. When the short rest is over, you'll get 'em right back! Whenever your friends settle down for a good night's sleep, you will instead stay up late into the night. You can work in eight short rests over the course of one of their long rests, so when you hit level 14 you should be able to generate 80 Sorcery Points a day. Taking away 7 because you need at least one 5th-level spell to cast Greater Restoration, you'll have 73 points to distribute as you please! (And if you're curious, I tallied up the value of a 14th-level Sorcerer's spell slots below 5th level, if you converted them all to Sorcery Points; it's 54.) Use a couple slots to heal up any damage you've taken, and you're ready to greet the day!

Try not to worry too much about race or background. We're just trying to get you the exploit, here. So long as you follow these guidelines and avoid any features that rely on long rests to recharge, you'll be rocking the Coffeelock style ad infinitum!

...Unless you're magically put to sleep.

...Maybe play an Elf. (You have to have a realy nice dm to do that, because you actualy only can have 2 sorcery points at sorcerer lvl 2.)

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