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Divide by Zero
Evocation [Chaos]
Level: Sor/Wiz 9
Components: S, F,
Casting time: Standard
Range: Varies (see below)
Effect, or Area: Varies (see below)
Duration: Varies (see below)
Saving Throw: Varies (see below)
Spell Resistance: No

Breaking the rules of mathematics, you cause a random occurrence that can be potentially fatal to everyone (including you), somewhere in the multiverse. There is a 45% chance that the occurrence will happen in your area. When you divide by zero, you use a standard action to set up the one-step equation. After this occurs, the catastrophe starts to unfold.

If the catastrophe occurs somewhere else, nothing happens where you are, and the spell is wasted.

If the catastrophe occurs where you are, roll a d% to determine the effect.

1-20: A great planar vortex appears out of nowhere and drags everyone present into The Abyss. (Reflex save negates). The portal lasts three rounds.

21-40: A 1000ft deep crater appears and covers a 50-ft radius. Creatures in the area must make a Reflex save to grab onto a rock and avoid falling into the deep hole. This is permanent.

41-50: Tornado (1d12) or Hurricane if at coastal area.

51-60: Your head explodes, killing you instantly. (Fortitude save negates).

61-70: Volcano erupts, raising 300 ft./5 levels. All creatures in area take fall damage to how high it raises. This is permanent.

71-80: A line of concussive force shoots through one of your enemies and snakes around to 1d4/Cha modifier others, cutting through them and killing them (fortitude save). If they make a successful save, they instead take 1d6/level points of damage. This takes one round.

81-100: Two effects occur simultaneously (roll two more times; If this result comes up again, roll two more times. Ignore any redundant effects).

Special: There is also a 2% chance that elsewhere, someone Divided by Zero and it affects your area. In this case, all the effects are present, but no-one has cast the spell. The head explosion affects a random target.

Focus: An abacus worth 25gp.

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