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Diverse Sorcerer[edit]

Not all sorcerers focus on the depth of their power. Instead, some choose to focus on the breadth. Diverse Sorcerers give up powerful high level spells known to gain more diversity in lower level spells known.

Class: Sorcerer.

Replaces: Diverse Sorcerers do not gain bonus spells per day from having a high level or charisma modifier.

Benefit: Whenever a Diverse Sorcerer would gain a new spell known of the highest level she could know, she may choose to gain multiple spells of lower levels instead. The sum of the levels of the alternate spells must not exceed the level of the spell that was forfeit. Furthermore, level 0 spells (cantrips) can't be gained in this way and all new spells must be from the sorcerer/wizard spell list.

Example: Class level 4 - 2 total levels Class level 5 - 2 total levels Class level 6 - 3 total levels Class level 7 - 3 total levels Class level 8 - 4 total levels

So at level 8 the player may choose to gain two level 2 spells or one level 1 and one level 3 or any other combination instead of gaining a level 4 spell.

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