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Dire, Variant[edit]

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Dire animals are Stronger, Tougher, and more Dangerous.

Creating a Dire Animal[edit]

This is an Inherited Template that can be added to any animal or Magical Beast.

Size and Type[edit]

+1 Size Catagory

Hit Dice[edit]

Double the base creature's HD. If the base creature has fractional HD, change the number of HD to what ever the numerator in the fraction is +1. (EX: If the base creature's HD is 1/2d8, then it is 2d8. If the base creature's HD is 3/4d8, then it is 4d8.)


If any speed the base creature has is 30' or above, no change. If any speed the base creature has is below 30', add 15' to that speed (maximum 30')

Armor Class[edit]

The base creature's Natural Armor increases by 3. If the base creature had no Natural Armor, it gains +3 Natural Armor.


+8 Strength +4 Constitution +4 Dexterity +4 Charisma

Challenge Rating[edit]

Double base creature's. (minimum 1)


If the base creature had a size change based on HD, and 1 to each size catagory.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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