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Desert of Calibri[edit]

The Desert of Calibri is a vast expanse of course red sand dotted with oasis and jagged stone fields. This desert was named after a famous wizard who is thought to have invented or at least heavily contributed to spells in the form of written language. Anyone who remains in the desert for more than 24 hours gains the ability to read and write one random language, a benefit that vanishes once one leaves the desert.

The waters in this deserts oasis are lightly kissed by magic as well. Anyone who drinks that blue sparkling spring water gains the effects of the comprehend languages spell for the next 24 hours. The water must be consumed directly out of the oasis, for removing the water from the pool by any other means also removes its magic qualities.


The ecology of the Desert of Calibri is a harsh one. The only plants that can survive in the arid conditions are cacti, succulents, and other desert plants. The animals that call this desert home are mostly lizards, snakes, and rodents. These hardy creatures have adapted to the harsh conditions and can survive without much water.

The oasis in the Desert of Calibri are a welcome oasis for both man and beast. The oasis provide much needed water and shelter from the harsh sun. The oasis are also home to a variety of plant and animal life that would not be able to survive in the desert. The oasis are a key part of the desert ecosystem and are vital to the survival of the creatures that call the desert home.

Some of the monsters that live in the desert are giant scorpions, giant spiders, snakes, lizards, and bats. There are also many different kinds of insects.

Special Locations

The Oasis of the Blue Dragon is a small oasis located in the north-eastern corner of the Desert of Calibri. The oasis is named after a large blue dragon that is said to live in the center of the oasis. The dragon is said to be friendly and has been known to help lost travelers find their way out of the desert. The water in the oasis is crystal clear and has a slight blue tint to it. The water is said to have magical properties and anyone who drinks it is said to be able to understand the dragon. The dragon is said to be able to grant wishes to those who are pure of heart.

The Ruins of Calibri are a series of ruined buildings and towers that are all that remain of the city of Calibri. The city was destroyed by a powerful sandstorm many years ago and all that remains are the ruins. The ruins are said to be haunted by the ghosts of the city's former residents. The ghosts are said to be friendly and are often seen helping lost travelers find their way out of the desert.

Travelling to The Desert of Calibri

The Desert of Calibri can be reached by traveling east from the city of Kelso. The journey is about a week's travel by foot, horse, or camel. The desert is a hot and arid place, so travelers should be sure to bring plenty of food and water.

Plot Hooks
  1. A group of bandits have been robbing and murdering travelers who venture into the desert. The local authorities are offering a hefty reward for anyone who can put a stop to the bandit's reign of terror.
  2. A lost city is rumored to exist somewhere in the desert, and many treasure hunters and archaeologists have set out in search of it.
  3. A powerful wizard is said to live in the desert, and he is rumored to grant powerful wishes to anyone who can find him.
  4. A group of cultists have taken up residence in the desert and are said to be sacrificing people to their dark deity.
  5. A strange illness has been afflicting people who drink from the oasis springs, and the local authorities are looking for someone to investigate.
Notable NPCs

Sevrin is a hermit who has made his home in the Desert of Calibri for many years. He is a wizened old man with a long white beard that he keeps neatly braided. He wears a simple brown robe and carries a well-worn walking staff. Sevrin is a kind and gentle soul who is always happy to help those who cross his path. He is a font of knowledge on the desert and its many dangers. He is also an accomplished wizard and is always happy to teach others a new spell or two.

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