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WARNING! This class is specialized to fit in a specific type of campaign, and may not be suitable for play for your 5e World.

Demonserker Class Details

As the half-orc smiles wickedly, his muscles begin to vibrate like fluid: his body size swells, and the bandits in front of him can only scream in sheer horror as the abomination’s form rends through them with sharp claws.

The towns nearby are set into horror when the disgustingly muscle bound creature walks through their city gates. Demonic aura radiating like a sun; eyes, flickering a crimson red; and a ghastly, unnerving presence that strikes fear into the gazers unfortunate enough to set their gaze upon the wicked display. It’s claws are stained in scarlet: a pattern indicative of a freshly earned slaughter.

The creature enters the local inn, much to the horror of its patrons. Clouds of murmuring and doubt float through the air, as the monster seems to clear a negative space as he treads through the atmosphere of the tavern. He takes a seat at the bar, staring intently at the quivering bartender. His jaw clacks repeatedly, shivering as the darkness seemed to stare into the deepest reaches of his soul, malcontentedly stalwart. “What do you want?” The squeamish half-elf bartender would ask of the demon before him. With a grin, it replies: “The same as anyone else. I’d like to buy a drink.”

Demonserkers are those who possess traces of a demonic bloodline, either by birthright or consumption of demonic flesh, who have initiated contracts using their own bodies as bargaining chips with demon lords that dwell deep beneath the realms in the planes of misery. These pacts grant their physical bodies great, unyielding power from the fractions of these great Kings’ dormant strength, at the cost of lacking the ability to fully control their demonic forms.

In spite of their brief bouts of madness, through great discipline, Demonserkers can learn to control their bodies and use them as invincible, ruthless weapons of destruction. The most skilled among these warrior fiends are able to push beyond the limits of this demonic form, and unleash cataclysm upon whoever is unfortunate enough to be in their way. ————————————————————————

Unmatchable Battlers A Demonserker is defined by strength and strength alone. To become a Demonserker is to sacrifice your own state of physical mental well-being in exchange for unparalleled strength that even most demons cannot stand up to. Should they take on even small percentages of their wicked energy into their body, it will be made manifest, and they will be seen as monsters and are rejected from most modern societies above land. As a result, they most often find home in the Underdark, Infernal Planes, or for some few, total solitude. If a Demonserker is for any reason traveling with companions, most of his allies are wise to steer clear of the space around them in order to not be caught up in their fury.

It is for this reason that Demonserkers thrive in any combat situation. They are resilient, mobile, and powerful. While in their demon forms, they risk losing all control of their willpower and ability to hold back, which can prove extremely dangerous to any allies lacking the foresight or caution to give the Demonserker his place. With or without full rein on their force, Demonserkers are still brutal killing machines rarely equaled in their capacity for slaughter. A wise Demonserker knows their limits, wary not to overclock their immense power, and back away at just the right moment: or be immolated in the great destructive flames of their own causing, victims of their own brute strength. ————————————————————————

Creating a Demonserker A Demonserker chooses their way of life because they have a strong hunger for absolute power. Because a Demonserker is a rather unusual origin, you should discuss with your DM what your origin story might be, and how you may have completed your Body Pact. What may have happened in your life that caused you to seek the transcension to a higher form of being at the cost of your sanity and self-control? Are you a martial artist, seeking opponents? Did monsters destroy your home, and you seek strength for revenge? Perhaps you are a villainous being, seeking glory through dominance and destruction, and a pact is just the way to achieve it. Or, you made a foolish mistake in search of becoming strong enough to face a rival, and became a being beyond your own comprehension. Any way you are able to stretch it, the pursuit of power defines the Demonserker, and often are led along the paths of chaotic and evil alignments, with certain exceptions in regards to your background. ————————————————————————

Quick Build A Demonserker’s primary stat is their strength, which determines their output, followed by their constitution, which determines their fortitude. Subsequently, a high wisdom stat will be able to keep a Demonserker from enduring mind-breaks nearly as often. A Demonserker will often take Haunted One as their background, but your DM can grant exceptions depending on your backstory. ————————————————————————

Class Features As a Demonserker, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points Hit Dice: 1d12 per Demonserker level Hit Points at First Level: 15 + your constitution modifier Hit Points at a Higher Level: 1d12 + constitution modifier. At Level 10, you automatically gain the Minor Toughness feat, granting you additional 1 HP per Demonserker level.

Proficiencies Armor: Light Armor, Medium armor. Weapons: Simple weapons and martial weapons. Tools: None. Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Intimidation, Insight, Perception, Religion, Survival.

Equipment You start with the following equipment, in addition to any equipment granted by your background:

- (a) Oaken Greatclub (1d12 bludgeoning, heavy property) or (b) any martial weapon of choice - (a) Two hand axes or (b) any simple weapon of choice - An explorer’s pack and a spiked mace head connected to 30 ft. of iron chains (1d8 + strength)

Demonic Form At level 1, you are able to augment your body and change your form into that of a demonic entity upon which your pact is based as a bonus action. Your muscles swell significantly, increasing your current size class by one. If you are wearing non-magical heavy armor when ascending to your Demonic Form, it will break. During each turn of using your Demonic Form, you must pass a Wisdom saving throw of 10 minus your wisdom modifier, or lose the ability to control your actions during your turn, entering a state of Madness. You will instead target the nearest creature for your attacks, enemy or ally. If there are no creatures within your physical range, you will move toward the closest creature you can see. If the creature is still out of your range when you run out of movement, you will take 1d4 psychic damage, and your turn will end. This die will stack each time you do not land a successful blow against a target creature.

While in your demonic form, you gain the following benefits: - You have advantage on strength and constitution checks and saving throws. - When you make a melee weapon attack using Strength, you gain a bonus to the damage roll that increases as you gain levels as a Demonserker. This increases by 1d6 every six levels. - You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, and fire damage. Attacks that deal less than 5 damage cannot hurt you. This cap increases by two every six levels. - While in your demonic form, you are unable to cast any spells other than cantrips. - You are immune to the Charmed and Frightened status conditions. You gain resistance to Blinded and Deafened status conditions. - Your speed (swimming, climbing, walking) is increased to 45 feet. This increases by 5 every 3 levels. - Your unarmed damage is 1d4 at first level, 1d6 at fourth level, 1d8 at 7th level, 1d10 at 9th level, 1d12 at 11th level, 2d8 at 13th level, 2d10 at 15th level, 2d12 at 17th level, and 4d6 at 20th level.

Your demonic form lasts until you use one of your bonus actions to exit the form. If you are not in the Madness state, you may revert back to your original form as a bonus action, and take one level of exhaustion. ————————————————————————

Unarmored Defense While you are not wearing any armor, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Strength modifier + your Constitution modifier. You can use a shield and still gain this benefit.

Personal Vengeance At second level, you can choose one target within range of your sight. You gain advantage on attacks on this creature until it is dead. You gain disadvantage on attacks against any other creature until your original target has been defeated. Personal Vengeance can only target one creature at a time.

Thirst for Danger At second level, your senses are primed to deal with any incoming threats. If you can see projectiles or traps that would normally target you or an ally within 5 feet, instead of rolling a dexterity save, you can roll a strength reflex save to attempt to destroy the incoming threat instead with your fists, and add your strength modifier twice to your ability check. If the attack is a projectile, the damage you would normally take from the attack is automatically reduced by 1d10 + your Strength modifier + your Demonserker level. Even if you fail, these events cannot blind, deafen, or incapacitate you.

Bloodline of Sin At third level, you begin to manifest traits of the demon you formed a pact with, as your physicality begins to adopt new traits to fully incorporate your strength. Depending on the demon which you initiated your pact with, your body will gain different traits at 3rd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 20th level.

Revenge of the Fallen At fourth level, if an enemy’s attack would put you at 0 hit points or less, once per day, you can instead change your hit points to 1 and unleash an opportunity attack with advantage against the enemy who attacked you. If they are not in your immediate melee range, you can shoot a ball of invisible demonic energy from your mouth towards the enemy that attacked you, dealing your unarmed damage as force damage.

20 Percent Power At fifth level, you have now tapped into twenty percent of your potential strength. You gain an additional extra attack. Your default AC will also increase by one. All physical attacks now have the reach property. If you are using a reach weapon, your range extends by an additional five feet. You can now dash, dodge, and disengage as bonus actions. Your attacks are now considered magical bludgeoning. Your sense of smell is heightened to incredible levels, granting advantage on all checks that require smell, as well as 120 feet of blind sense. You gain Darkvision up to 60 feet away: if you already have Darkvision, the amount you would normally have is doubled.

Fiendish Instinct By 7th level, your instincts are so honed that you have advantage on initiative rolls. Additionally, if you are surprised at the beginning of combat and aren’t incapacitated, you can act normally on your first turn, but only if you enter your demonic form, or are already in it at the beginning of your turn. Additionally, if the enemies that surprise you belong to the fiend race, they do not have advantage on attacks against you.

Mega Impact By 8th level, your body’s output is so powerful it can damage the earth it walks upon. By using your bonus action when you attack, you can make your attack unleash a shockwave that creates a crater in whatever it touches. - If you unleash an attack on an enemy, the enemy will take an additional 2d8 + STR damage and be knocked 15 feet away and prone. This length will double for every size class the enemy is beneath you. Any enemy or object it lands into will also be knocked down, and it will take half damage. On a critical strike, you may stun and cripple your initial target when they are struck. - If you strike the ground, a crater will form beneath you for 30 feet. All enemies within this range must roll a DEX save of 13 + your strength, or be knocked prone and take 1d8 + STR damage. The 30 feet around you will be considered difficult terrain, but not to you. If an enemy within this range is already prone, they will be launched 60 feet into the air. - If you strike an object, the DC to break it will be considered by the DM: if your attack surpasses this dc, the object will splinter into shrapnel in a 30 ft cone. Any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast will take damage equivalent to the DC it took to destroy the object.

Life-Stealing Touch At 9th level, you are able to steal the life essence of your opponent. Your regular physical attacks will now heal you for half of the damage that you deal. If your attack kills your opponent, you will heal for the full amount of damage that you deal. Additionally, you gain an extra attack. You cannot heal yourself using this ability if your target is a construct or an undead.

50 Percent Power At 11th level, your body is now halfway toward being able to reach its full potential. You now have action surge, allowing you to repeat your action once per day. Additionally, sneak attacks no longer affect you, and you cannot be surprised. Attacks from the rear made against you will not have advantage. You will gain an additional 2 to your AC while in your demonic form. If an enemy attack made against you fails, you may shove them or roll to attack them as a free action. You may add your constitution modifier to your melee attacks. You have an additional advantage on all grapple checks. Critical hits now apply at 19-20.

Hellish Missiles At 12th level, you can flick invisible balls of force from your hand at breakneck speeds at targets up to 300 feet away. Instead of a regular attack, you can send 3 force attacks at an enemy, dealing 3d4 force damage. The enemy must roll a strength save equal to 14 + your strength, or be knocked prone by this attack. You may add an additional projectile at 16th and 19th level.

Immovable Presence You are built like a boulder, becoming nearly impossible to knock down. At 13th level, you can no longer be knocked prone unless it is by an attack that deals half or more of your current health. You are now capable of wielding two great weapons, one in each hand.

80 Percent Power You have nearly unlocked your full potential, and are truly fearsome. At fifteenth level, your form has become even more grotesque, not meant for mortal eyes. You gain frightful presence while in your demonic form. Non-allied creatures must roll a wisdom save equal to 15 + your wisdom modifier, or be shaken to their core, becoming Frightened. Your speed is immeasurable: when you move, if you pass an enemy creature on the way to your destination, you may disengage as a free action. You gain an additional extra attack. Your melee attacks now add your strength bonus twice. Non-magical projectiles, such as arrows and bullets, cannot deal damage to you. You do not take fall damage while in your demonic form. Your control over your form is now great: three times per day, if you would normally fail your Madness save, you can choose to succeed instead. Critical hits now apply at 18-20.

Demonic Energy Blast Your demonic power is truly great: but it builds up quickly, and can feel tightly locked inside of your body. At sixteenth level, once per turn, you can use an action to launch incredible blasts of energy with devastating explosive power up to 120 feet away, exploding within a range of thirty feet. Enemies must roll a dexterity save of 16 + your Constitution or be caught up in this blast, dealing 8d12 + con Spirit-Type damage, or half as much on a failed save. After using this, your body is filled with a pleasurable sensation, giving you a +2 bonus to hit on your next melee attack. You can use this as many times per day that is equal to your constitution modifier.

Critical Master Your ability to deal relentless critical strikes has become second nature. At 17th level, whenever you successfully land a critical hit, your opponent goes prone and begins their turn with a movement speed of 5 (when using half their movement speed to get up from prone, the opponent will have 0 movement speed.) Additionally, when you roll a critical strike, your attacks will ignore the armor class of the affected enemy. If your opponent is prone, you may add an additional damage die to your critical strike.

One Hundred Percent Power You have unlocked the full limits of your demonic power, and your body has undergone a complete and total change. At 18th level, your demonic form changes into something completely unrecognizable from your original self. Your ability to automatically pass madness rolls changes from three times per day to six times per day. Level 6 exhaustion will not kill you, but instead send you into unconsciousness with a fully passed death save. Your natural AC is increased by 2, and your natural armor is now considered to be magical. Non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage has no effect on you. Critical strikes now range from 17-20. You gain an additional action surge for a total of two action surges. You can activate Revenge of the Fallen twice per day. Your constitution is now added twice to your melee attacks. Your intense aura spreads to your allies, allowing any ally within 150 feet of you to add your strength modifier to their own attacks.

Rest for the Wicked At 19th level, during your turn, you can expend one of your attacks to instead recover 2d12 + con to your HP. Heal-blocking abilities and conditions do not affect this move.

110% Power Once per day, at 20th level you can unleash a dynamic vacuum of energy that pushes your body beyond its limits. If there are any enemies within 150 feet of you that have less than 50 HP, their souls are removed from their bodies and consumed by your own. Gain 1 HP for each soul you consume. After you have completed this maneuver, you can unleash ten attacks against any enemies of your choice, dealing your unarmed damage in spirit-type damage. Each hit ignores non-magical AC. After the maneuver is completed, you cannot move or act for one turn. ————————————————————————

Path of Strength Named for the mindless demon king of Chaos, this demon path draws from the power of Ogre-Class demons, focusing on sheer strength. Many demons despise their ogre-class counterparts for a lack of class, but not for their lack of ability.

At third level, your muscles begin to increase even more grotesquely in size. Gain an additional size class (at a maximum of huge). You can modify your size class as necessary between the sizes of your original form and your maximum size form. Enemies have disadvantage attempting to grapple you.

At sixth level, you’re even better at swinging large objects mindlessly, and your affinity with such weapons grows even stronger. While wielding bludgeoning weapons with the heavy property, you may add your original unarmed die (sans the modifier) damage to the weapon when making an attack. When making spinning area of effect attacks with great clubs, you do not receive any disadvantage.

At tenth level, your mind is filled with odd, erratic thoughts, as if a ward was placed over it. Psychic damage cannot affect you. Blows to the head cannot stun you. Any negative magical effect that requires eye contact cannot harm you.

At fourteenth level, you begin to find great pleasure in the kill. If you kill an enemy with a basic melee attack, you do not expend the attack action in doing so, and can use the attack again against another enemy. ————————————————————————

Path of Xukoth Named for the great demon king of flames, those who take on the pact of Phoenix-Class demons soar the skies of the infernal plane, often avoiding the lakes of fire below. Great boons accompany those who take this path, and are often met with the objectively least disgust among their demonic counterparts.

At third level, bird-like wings sprout from your back, adorned with beautiful red flames. You now have the ability of flight, at a base of 60 feet. This scales upward along with other types of movement as you level up.

At sixth level, a coat of warm scarlet feathers covers your body, and protects it from the dangers of the infernal planes. You are immune to all fire attacks, and cannot be burned. Your eyes become sharp as well, and all your forms of sight and sense are doubled, except for your regular vision, which can now pinpoint specific objects up to two miles away.

At tenth level, flames bounce off of your skin, dancing wildly and unpredictably. When an opponent enters your range, or you enter an opponent’s range, they automatically take 2d6 fire damage. Your flight speed is also doubled. Disengaging from an opponent also inflicts 2d6 fire damage. Opponents making ranged attacks against you find you difficult to hit and have disadvantage on their attacks against you.

At fourteenth level, a gigantic, razor-sharp beak sprouts from your face. You can now bite your opponents, dealing magical slashing damage in favor of unarmed bludgeoning damage. Attacks from above using your beak will inflict your strength modifier as a bleed stack, lasting 1d4-1 turns. ————————————————————————

Path of Gozu This path is aptly named for the demon who possesses the thickest hide in the infernal plane: Gozu, a Minotaur demon, whose hide has been tanned for countless ages under the burning heat in his residential dimension of pain. Demons of the bloodline of Gozu are hunted by men for their resilient flesh: but those who have made pacts with them are hunters of the very same men who covet their skin.

At third level, your skin slowly becomes rough and leathery. Twice per short rest, when an enemy makes a successful attack against you, you can roll your hit die plus your constitution modifier and reduce the damage you take by the amount you rolled. The amount of times you can do this increases once at sixth level, once at tenth level, and twice at fourteenth level.

At sixth level, horns begin sprouting from your head. Once per turn, you can select an enemy that is within your range of movement and declare a charging attack. Move toward this enemy and declare an unarmed attack. For every tile you move, you may add +2 damage to the attack if it lands successfully. This type of unarmed attack deals magical piercing damage. If you land a critical hit with your charging attack, your enemy is knocked prone and is stunned for one turn. If your charge attack does not manage to hit any enemies, your movement speed is reduced to 0 at the beginning of your next turn.

At tenth level, your charging attack becomes relentless, and does not stop for anyone. As long as you have movement speed, charging attacks you declare can count as one attack and pin multiple enemies as long as they are within your movement range for that turn, dealing unarmed damage upon impact. At the end of your charge attacks, your enemies are flung backward in a cone formation. If you land a critical against even one enemy in your path, the stun will apply to all enemies. This stun does not stack.

At fourteenth level, your hide has become unbearably thick. Your hide can now reflect attacks back at the enemy if they are lightning, non-magical slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing for full damage dealt. If you reduce a successful enemy’s hit using your Demon Hide feature, you may now reduce it by your strength modifier as well.

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