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A demonologist has spent most of their life cloistered away because of their studies. Why have they become so obsessed with demons, devils, and fiends that they would leave behind society? Do they come from a long line of warlocks and seek to know more information about the ones they’ve formed a pact with? Are they slayers of demons, devils and fiends and need to know everything about them? Are they looking to summon and control these types of beings? Or perhaps they need knowledge for a mission given to them by the church. Whatever their reasoning may be, their knowledge would surely be useful in a battle.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two: Arcana, History, or Religion

Languages: Abyssal and Infernal

Equipment: A backpack, a set of common clothes, a hooded cloak, a silvered or cold-iron weapon you are proficient with, a bedroll, six tattered scrolls, a pouch containing 5 gp, and several (3-6) books about demons and devils (Origin of Demons and Devils, Origins of Demons, Origins of Devils, The Baatezu of Baator, The Tanar'ri of the Abyss, The Blood War, Fiend Folio, Guide to the Lower Planes, Summoning Rites and Binding Procedures, Fiendish Familiars and Their Masters, etc.)

Feature: Abyssal Obsession[edit]

Having spent several years of your life studying demons, devils, and fiends, you’ve gained vast knowledge about them. You are able to recognize any fiend as well as recall more than basic information about them. (i.e. resistances, vulnerabilities, special abilities, and other information the DM may choose to disclose) However, people who learn of your obsession may try to avoid contact with you if at all possible.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I think we can relate more to demons than celestials.
2 I don’t understand the role of religion.
3 I have far more important things to do than save the world.
4 I honestly forgot why I started my research, but it passes the time.
5 I'll settle for nothing less than perfection.
6 I believe that everything worth doing is worth doing right. I can't help it--I'm a perfectionist.
7 I am utterly serene, even in the face of disaster.
8 I once spent a night at an inn with a succubus… We just talked, I swear.
d6 Ideal
1 Sincerity. There's no good pretending to be something I'm not. (Neutral)
2 Aspiration. I'm determined to make something of myself. (Any)
3 Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action. (Chaotic)
4 Respect. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. (Good)
5 Logic. Emotions must not cloud our sense of what is right and true, or our logical thinking. (Lawful)
6 Knowledge. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I'm trying to discover the truth behind the demon my family has pacted with.
2 My life’s work was stolen from me, and I will stop at nothing to get it back.
3 The church that took me in as a child is the most important place in the world to me.
4 I’m trying desperately to find my apprentice ever since he’d disappeared during an experiment.
5 I work to preserve a library, university, scriptorium, or monastery.
6 I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me.
d6 Flaw
1 I am a little too flexible with my thinking.
2 I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially the brothel.
3 Once I start drinking, it's hard for me to stop.
4 Now that I've returned to the world, I enjoy its delights a little too much.
5 I’d forgotten what the outside looks like, and it’s only disappointed me.
6 ...Okay. Maybe I did more than talk with the succubus.

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