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A force to be reckoned with, alone, and definitely unmatchable in most battles when in groups or even pairs. If you cross paths with a Dellan, keep calm, and speak...

Racial Traits
Average Height: 7 ft to 12 ft tall (full adult) which is about 2-4 m tall
Average Weight: 250-700 lbs which is about 115-320 kg
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Draconic
Skill Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy, +2 Intimidate

Dellan Core Gem Dellan Racial Power
Of Magic and Body, your gem glows with a great collection of energy, ready to spread throughout your body, empowering you to down any foe in your path.
Encounter Star.gif Gem, Magic
Immediate Reaction Magic 5
Trigger: When a spell is cast, though optional. Can be used on allies as well.
Prerequisite: Cast ten spells successfully.
Target: On Self, or on Ally
Effect: Double the power of any chosen spell. (declare to use Dellan Core Gem before declaring the use of any spell. Exception: if targeting an ally)

Dellan are native to few areas, despite being one of the most widespread beings in your average quest. Sometimes mistaken as wild dragons, as they live in caves, these beings do so hate when they are feared, and are quite a peaceful race. Though, few may not be so peaceful. It has been known that there are Dellan dragons who have gone completely rampant, even slaughtering and defiling residents of small towns or settlements. Though these are rare, and not very much known at all.

Dellan, as a relative of the canon dragon, are elemental breathers, and do sometimes carry a weapon of great destruction deep in their own gullet. With as many as seventy different breath based attacks recorded of this race already, (all combinations of as much as six elements) They can be feared, for a simple Burst Breath attack can easily kill someone, or even knock a big hole in a brick wall. These breath based attacks have only been recorded in elder dragons, and very rarely in younger Dellan dragons. They begin to develop the glands to produce these magical attacks in the prime of their adolescence.

If you were to come by a Dellan, either in solitude, or in a small society of several other Dellans and dragons, you can tell them different from any other reptilian creature by the most distinct feature, a gem embedded somewhere on the body. Points where the gem has been located range mostly throughout symmetrical areas, and preferably on the shoulders, back, chest, or even on the head, in the center of the bridge of the nose. These gems are magical powerhouses, and if harvested from a Dellan, become as worthless as a piece of limestone. removing the gem will not kill the Dellan, as for reasons unknown, it is not attached to the skin, but rather magically melded to it, and rather strongly.

Dellan are a bit taller than any average being, from the ground to the top of their back, when on all fours. Should one take a fighting stance on it's hind legs, it can stand nearly twice, to three times as tall as your average being. Almost as big, if not, bigger than a giant. Their tail is something to watch. Long, and very flexible, as well as strong, their tail can be used for many things. Grabbing, hitting, whipping, etc. A Dellan's tail is as strong as the inner thigh. Getting hit by one's tail would be like being roundhouse kicked. Their tail can be nearly three times as long as their body. Long tails have been known to be common in Whiptails.

The Dellan are made up of three species altogether. Bloodclaws, Whiptails, and the balanced socialite Ambidexterite. Bloodclaws usually have the ability to camouflage themselves, and a base skin color that looks like a red tiger's own pelt. These are the hunter species. Well trained, fast, powerful, and aggressive. Whiptails, as explained before, are the long-tailed species, usually having a tail nearly triple the length of their body. This species is lightweight, and therefore fast, are generally weaker, and usually have a lot of magic to use. Ambidexterite Dellans are a more balanced species. They are really good with social abilities, trainable in both magic and combat, can have mixed traits of both the Whiptail and Bloodclaw show, allowing them to look like long-tailed predators with long claws and very sharp teeth, and giving them the ability to camouflage themselves. But this requires a lot of training, as the more a Dellan trains to be like either species, the more that species' traits will stick out.

Bloodclaws are strict carnivores, Whiptails are strict herbivores, and the Ambidexterites, omnivores.

Play a Dellan if you want...

  • to play as a dragon.
  • start of with a custom character.
  • use something exotic or original
  • To be a member of a race that favors the magic-user classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Every Dellan is quadrupedal, and able to stand, and walk/run/sprint, on two legs. An Ambi-pedal (legit?) being. Common colors are red, green, and yellow. Less common colors are blue, purple, and black. Rare colors are white, pink, silver, bronze, and gold. They have thick tails which, as said, can get long, no wings, and have a set type of teeth, depending on what species of Dellan they are. (use common sense) Dellan have your ordinary slit iris eyes with full color, no white. The gem is a big feature, always noticed. The gem is always grey. (when removed, it petrifies into grey limestone)

Playing a Dellan[edit]

Dellan are quite social, should you not threaten them on first sight. Communicating with a Dellan is quite easy, and are quite easy to befriend. Though, they can get quite territorial. You will be ignored if you intrude on private territory, but if you provoke them, it is best to leave as quickly as possible. Dellan are very stubborn, and don't give up till they've killed their prey, completed their task, or can find not a single way to do so. (or if they die) An adolescent Dellan can be known as a strong being, just by it's size, and have acknowledgable use for magic. Elder Dellan are essentially bigger, and thus stronger physically. Elder Dellan generally have higher intellect and wisdom as well as much stronger magic. Dellan usually live to be as much as 700 years old.

Dellan Characteristics: Social, Passive-Aggressive, carnivorous, omnivorous, herbivorous, fast, big, magical, strong, sentient

Male Names: Daramareu Elado, Elod Deia, Ritderro Jhota

Female Names: Alasza Massei, Syei Wadra, Massala

Dellan Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Dellan adventurers are described below.

Diesk is a Dellan Whiptail, having achieved the age of 357. The largest feature is his tail, measuring more than twice his own body length. Having long since lost his Gem to an old battle, his main source of magic now consists of magically woven Robes of the Arch Mage, gifted to him for slaying a higher demon in it's prime, alone. This Dellan has not once stopped fighting, and has not settled yet, prefering to make a name for himself by being a hero whenever, and wherever he can.

Vateu is a Dellan Bloodclaw, staying young, thanks to a fountain of youth that he uncovered long ago. His age is well over four thousand years old, and has the look of a one hundred year old Bloodlcaw in his prime. In the beginning, he was known as a ruthless savage that slaughtered the innocent, claimed a kingdom as a tyrant, and even made a fortune of his own. Now he lives in the cave which his fountain of youth is housed, completely neutral. His one goal now is to just live to see how the world around him evolves and decays over time.

Rata is a Dellan Ambidexterite, a female just past her prime, 248 years old. Having just mastered the Breath of the Eclipse, she has slain the beast that protected the kingdom she lives in, taking it's place to keep her family safe, and all who need the help. She has even made it a point to the three neighboring kingdoms to leave her home land alone, and often fighting the villains and so-called heroes of those kingdoms which have been sent to try and slay her so that nothing stand in the way of war.

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