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Within Estriea, the gods and goddesses of the people are known as Endless. However, while there are only known to be two factions of the Endless race (the Endless and the Daemons) to the people. There are actually three factions within the actual race that make up the Endless. These are of course: the Endless, those that wish to protect and nurture the creatures that live upon the land; the Daemons, those that wish to make all beings suffer or die; and the Unending, those that only wish to be left alone in their own lives. In D&D terminology the three factions represent the Good, Evil and Neutral alignment axis, respectably.

A Brief Explanation of the Endless[edit]

Origins and Nature[edit]

The Endless are a race of beings that, somehow, were transported from their world to Estriea at the beginning of recorded history. There is no real explanation for what they are, where they came from, or how they got here. All that is really known for sure is that they are not of the three realms and were not here before the Dark Wars started. Some rumors state that they are constructs of the magical energies and thoughts of the people that they first came to. Only given form, function and power through our belief and prayer. However this is easily dismissed by the existence of the Unending, of who the majority are not worshiped or even known about for that matter.

Each member of the Endless tends to have their own nature, with some semblance of free-will but majorly sticking to a particular set of mind without shift in thought or will. Each one seemingly takes the place in a pantheon of influences that make up the world of Estriea. For instance, P'ung Ryong is the Endless of Rain and the Heavens, his influence presides within the skies and all things sacred. In contrast, Ni Ryong is the Endless of Mud, his influence presides within mud, swamps and the Hylas. Each has their own form, though many tend to be seen as dragons.

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