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Deft Dodger [Combat, General]

Your defenses are second to none, only the best are able to strike you.
Prerequisite: Bab +5, Dodge, Mobility
Benefit: This feat is only usable on Total defense, or while fighting defensively, refer to each section depending on which you are using at the time.

Fighting Defensively: As long as you are fighting defensive your opponent is not guaranteed to hit on a natural 20, but must rely on their critical confirmation to hit with the following modifiers. For each attack and/or 10ft moved your opponent gains a bonus to their conformation roll in the order of: +1,+2,+4,+8,+16… etc. including additional modifiers received from other feats.

Total Defense: You may not take any actions or move while on total defense or it will negate this feats effects, as long as you remain on total defense you are immune to critical damage.

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