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Deep Shadow [Shadar-Kai]

You summon an aura of shadowy darkness that conceals you and other shadow creatures, while hindering and harming your enemies.
Prerequisite: Shadar-Kai, Int or Wis 15
Benefit: You can swap one 1st-level or higher Encounter power you know for the Deep Shadow power.
Deep Shadow Shadar-Kai Racial Power
A thick inky darkness forms around you.
Encounter Star.gif Necrotic
Standard Action Aura 2
Effect: You, and any other shadow creature, in the aura gain concealment (those within aura are in dim light).
Sustain Minor: The effect ends if you use Shadow Jaunt or move more then half your speed on your turn.
Special: In addition, at Paragon levels enemies (including flying ones) treat the area within the aura as difficult terrain, and at Epic levels enemies that enter or start their turns within the aura also take 5 necrotic damage.

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