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點脈 Death Touch[edit]

The path of the Death Touch teaches its students to precisely strike pressure points on the body to cause intense pain within the target.


Monks of the Death Touch gain Knowledge(Anatomy) as a class skill (Knowledge (Nature) can be used throughout this document if the DM does not wish to use the new field of study). This replaces the first level skill bonus

1st-Level Feat[edit]

Skill Focus(Knowledge(Anatomy)).

2nd-Level Feat[edit]

Weapon Finesse(unarmed strike).

6th-Level Feat[edit]

Improved Critical(unarmed strike).

6th-Level Bonus Ability[edit]

You may apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to damage rolls when attacking unarmed after a successful Knowledge(Anatomy) check of your opponent; DC 10 for members of your species, 15 for other humanoids (assuming you are humanoid) and at the discretion of the DM for all others. Creatures that are immune to critical hits and sneak attacks because they lack discernible anatomy are also immune to this ability.


Knowledge(anatomy) 8 ranks, Weapon Focus(unarmed strike).

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