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Darkness Hound[edit]

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Sometimes, when one dies, something is left behind. That something can be many things: Ghosts, animated skeletons, so on so forth... and yet sometimes, unfortunately, they become Darkness Hounds. These have humongous teeth and claws, and the black fur only covers the hard shell, not to mention the glowing red eyes.

Creating a Darkness Hound[edit]

This may be applied to any non-undead corporeal creature.

Size and Type[edit]

The creatures type changes to undead, and it's size changes to medium or large, whichever it was closer to. It also gains the Dark Hound subtype (it allows them to keep their constitution score, and makes them required to eat meat)

Hit Dice[edit]

It's HD change to d12's, and it has the same amount as before. However, unlike most undead, it has a constitution score (and must make fortitude saves as normal creatures with constitution do).


If medium, it's base speed becomes 100 ft.; if large, it's base speed becomes 160 ft.

Armor Class[edit]

It gains a natural armor of (10+ HD + it's Constitution Score). This replaces whatever natural armor it had before, whether higher or lower.


It gains a bite attack and two claw attacks fitting for it's size.

Full Attack[edit]

The Darkness Hound does not take any penalties from using a full attack action as any normal creature would.

Special Attacks[edit]

It loses all it's previous Special Attacks (except those gained from classes), but gains the following:

Infectious Bite (Ex): A creature hit by a Darkness Hounds bite attack must make a fortitude save (DC= ) or lose 1 Constitution permanently (or until restored by magic). They must make this save once a day for two weeks or until dead, whichever happens first. If they die while under this effect, hey will become a Darkness Hound, if they have over 10 HD, they become an Alpha Darkness Hound (To be added). This counts as a disease.

Howl of the Dark Moon (Su): Can use once per day (only at night), and when there is not a full moon. Once used, it deals (HD)d8 Negative Energy in a 15 ft. radius (It's square and two in every direction). Remember, Negative Energy heals undead. Also, if it is a New Moon, the amount of Negative Energy damage done doubles, and the radius does as well.

Special Qualities[edit]

Scent: The Darkness Hound has the Scent ability as described in the MM.

Shadow Step (Su): Can make a shadow step of 10 ft per 3 HD (As the Shadow Dancer ability from the DMG).

Unrelenting Leap (Ex): It's jump checks are not limited by it's height, and it also does not increase the DC for jumping from a still position.


The Darkness Hound's abilities change as follows: Str +4, Dex +6, Con +8, Int -8


Change the skills based on it's new undead HD.


It gains Track as a bonus feat. Don't forget that it loses feats it no longer meets the prerequisites for, so those must be changed.




Solitary or Pack

Challenge Rating[edit]





Usually Neutral or Evil


Either Character Class or HD

Level Adjustment[edit]


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