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Symbol: Five dragon heads around a sun
Home Plane: Grove of Eternity
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: The balance of good, evil, law, chaos, and power
Clergy Alignments: Neutral only
Domains: All excluding Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, and Power
Favored Weapon: Divine Powers


Divine Rank 21+


Darastrix,Urathear is a mysterious being of unimaginable strength and power, he is all knowing and almighty, even able to look through time. He is the embodiment of balance and nature who takes on the form of a large five headed green dragon, and is often reffered to as the God of Gods, the Dragon Father, and the First. His origin is unknown and he appears to control all domains. He demands respect from all beings, including gods.Even the mighty overdeities bow before him in respect. His very presence can turn the land into lush and fertile forest's, and his breath can give life to those who care for nature and death to those who destroy it. Legend has it that it is he who created the universe and he who will end it, this is very likely, due to the fact his powers stem far beyond that of any other deity and since most if not all other beings whether they be mortal or not answer to him, and those who do not suffer a fate worse than death. Many of his dragon and kobold followers have given him the name "Eternal", possibly because his power cannot be extinguished in any way and he is the representation of neutrality in it purest form. Many human mortals try to make the dangerous way through the elemental planes to get to the Grove of Eternity, and ask for immortality. The humans who try are usually killed by creatures in the elemental planes, before they can get to the grove, but those who do make it there must stand in front of the Dragon Father himself and explain why they need to live life eternal. If He sees the mortals are pure of heart he would gladly allow this, however if he saw that they were evil creatures that had cruelty and death in their actions he would make sure they would never receive any power of that sort, and likely banish them to them to the Plane of Shadow to be tormented forever.


Symbol of Darastrix'Urathear.gif

Darastrix'Urathears symbol is that of five dragon heads around a sun. The symbol is regarded as very holy amongst his worshipers, and it is on the amulets worn by some priests. The Five heads represent good, evil, chaos, law, and power together they form balance. The sun represents everlasting life to those who are faithful and care for nature.


The 10 Commandments of the Dragon God[edit]

  1. All beings must answer to me
  2. Keep the balance
  3. Do not let the balance fail
  4. Respect all animals
  5. Respect all plants
  6. Respect all who worship me
  7. Let nature grow on its own
  8. Be pure of heart
  9. Do not alter time
  10. Do not use power for wrong

Prayer of the Dragon God[edit]

"Bow down before the glory of the Dragon God, He is all, He sees all, He knows all, peace, tranquility, nature, and balance, we thank the Dragon God for all that is growing, Bow down before to the glory of the Dragon God.

Although most overdeities have little to no worshipers, Darastrix'Urathear is an exception. He in fact has most of the universe at his whim, and demands that his powerful clerics and reptilian worshipers uphold balance throughout the world and keep the land safe from those who would stand against him and alter the balance sending it into chaos. Many of his worshipers are dragons and kobolds, but may other creatures such as elementals, archons, spirits, nymphs and many others serve him willingly.

Darastrix'Urathaer does not usually act in the physical realms unless they are in great need of help, such as when another deity tries to conquer and reshape the world, and only then will he act, instead he most often has one of his High Priest's do the work.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Dragon gods clergy are mainly dragon's, lizardfolk, kobold's, elementals, and druids. They keep colossal temples made of oak that radiate with very lifeforce of nature bound within them. These temples contain ornate objects such as amulets, rings, tablets, and scripts within, and are usually found in forests plagued by unbalance.


Darastrix'Urathear has only one goal, and that is to uphold the balance in the universe, whether it means resurrecting long dead creatures to populate the lands once again, or bringing entire empires to their knees by force. He will stop at nothing to fulfill it, and when his task is finished and perfect balance is finally complete he will fall into a deep slumber until the War of Chaos begins. And when it does the prophecy foretells that all deities good, evil, and neutral will join the battle with all their followers, awakening the Dragon God from his slumber.


Darastrix'Urathear has a deeply guarded secret to his power, known only by a number of the eldest of his Great Wyrm priests. This power apparently originated when he came into the universe and formed the planets and all things living. In time many other deities lesser than himself came to the universe and five asked to create a pantheon with him, Darastrix'Urathear agreed and brought into existence the Pantheon of Life, whose sworn duty was to uphold the balance of the universe. Eventually the five got greedy with power and tried to overthrow the Dragon God. So in a fierce battle all five deities fought with Darastrix'Urathear who eventually created the secret to his newfound powers, the Aspect of the Dragon God. The five were eventually defeated and thrown into the Plane of Shadow, to weak to escape the deities were tortured for eternity, only to be prophesied to return in the War of Chaos leading vast armies of horrid abominations.

Special Trait[edit]

Special Trait granted to his head worshipers, Achauk'Svitron and Aurix'Sunathear or any other divine spellcaster.

  • Worshipers gain access to some of the Dragon Gods magic.
  • Clerics can only be dragons.
  • Priest's can only be dragons and kobolds.
  • The cleric's and priest's must wear ornate armor engraved with rune's.

Grove of Eternity[edit]

Grove of Eternity spring.gif

Grove of Eternity.gif

Within his his Home Plane, also called the Grove of Eternity , Darastrix Urathaer is at his most powerful yet. Long ago he anhilated all things that posed a threat to his power. But even with all the power he holds, he rarely uses it. Only under extreme circumstances does he exert his authority in the universe. He also lets other gods do what they wish, as long as it does not alter the land in a way he does not see fit. Darastrix'Urathear lives in the Grove of Eternity, and is said to have created everything in all planes of existence and will eventually destroy them.


Darastrix'Urathear takes the form of a large five headed green dragon when he comes before evil mortals with the intention to destroy them.

Appearance His eyes, nostrils, and mouth emit an eerie green glow that shines as bright as the sun. His body is emerald in colour and the scales covering him are harder than diamond. He is 300ft tall, 500ft long, and has a massive wingspan of 800ft. His claws also emit an eerie glow as if they were imbued with magic.

Clothing He has no need for clothing and armor, since he already has scales that are nigh impenetrable.


Achauk'Svitron: Achauk'Svitron is a powerful dragon great wyrm, who is also the head priest to Darastrix'Urathear. Archauk'Svitron is a Green Dragon, whose scales are teal in colour, and seem to radiate with little bits of shining green light, from the power of the Dragon God himself. He is very adept in advanced magics, and has also merged with Dragon God numerous times. Due to this merging, he has become extremely powerful and knowledgeable, therefore able able to perform some of his deities most powerful abilities. Darastrix'Urathear favored him so much that he has considered him a son.Achauk'Svitron.gif


Aurix'Sunathear: Aurix'Sunathear is yet another powerful dragon great wyrm, and was appointed head cleric to Darastrix'Urathear. Aurix'Sunithear is a Gold Dragon, who has spent most of his time studying magic under his deity in the Grove of Eternity. Aurix'Sunathear, like Achauk'Svitron, has merged with the Dragon God many times, maybe not at that high of a degree, but still enough to make him a powerful teacher to the Dragon Gods worshipers. Darastrix'Urathear favors Aurix'Sunathear equally with Achuak'Svitron so he has been considered a son as well.


Rod of the Dragon God: Darastrix'Urathear grants this nigh indestructible rod to one of his head worshipers, so that they may call upon his avatar if they are in danger or are in need of assistance. Also the power of the rod is so great it can allow the user to merge with the Darastrix'Urathear for a short period of time, afterwords leaving behind some of the deities magical power within the person. The rod is able to be wielded by anyone even other deities, so long as they have a considerable amount of power.

Orb of Life.gif

Orb of Life: The Orb of Life is very valuable artifact among Darastrix'Urathears priests and clerics because it has the ability to purify the souls of the undead, causing them to revert into living flesh again. It can also heal the wounds of injured creatures, and turn barren wastelands into huge coniferous forests, and although Darastrix'Urathear does not like it when creatures alter land for their own needs, he will allow some of his followers to use it to bring life back to the land again. If the Orb is ever broken, then everything it did will pour out and be undone.

Weaknesses and Limitations[edit]

Darastrix'Urathear has no possible weaknesses and limitations whatsoever, because he is omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent, therefore he knows all, sees all, and is all. His power is impossible to deny, and even if a powerful opposing overdeity were to attack him, the blow dealt to him by that very deity would only feel like a mere pinch.


Invinciblity Darastrix'Urathear is impossible to defeat, overcome, and deny.

Omnipotentce Darastrix'Urathear is able to do anything he chooses to, be it physically, logically, and mentally regardless of what it may be, even things that many consider impossible.

Omniscience Darastrix'Urathear has the capacity to know everything infinitely, including thoughts, feelings, powers, what is going to happen in the future, and can even know the unknown.

Omnipresent Darastrix'Urather has the power to be present at any, and/or every, time, unbounded or universal presence.

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