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the Ae'Dakor are the Third Caste of the Dakor Empire. they are agile and perceptive, yet lacking in physical power.

Racial Traits[edit]


the Ha'Dakor are the Second Caste of the Dakor Empire. eons ago, they genetically modified themselves to favor electricity.

Racial Traits[edit]


the Ky'Dakor are the Fourth Caste of the Dakor Empire. they are conniving and devious, and can control others.

Racial Traits[edit]


the Qui'Dakor are the First Caste of the Dakor Empire. the are physically and mentally strong.

Racial Traits[edit]

+4 racial bonus on Knowledge (Technology), and Computer Use checks. +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive and Bluff.

  • Psionic Abilities: (at will) Detect Psionics, Detect Thoughts, Inflict Pain, Conceal Thoughts.
  • Racial HD: a Qui'Dakor starts out with 2 humanoid hit dice, which gives them 2d8 HD, 20 skill points, 1 feat, and base fortitude, will and reflex saves of 3.
  • Automatic Languages: Dakorian. Bonus Languages: any from the Dakor Empire.
  • Level Adjustment: +6


the Ter'Dakor are the Fifth Caste of the Dakor Empire. they are physically strong and able. they are loyal soldiers.

Racial Traits[edit]

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