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Curve the Bullet [Tactical]

Have you ever seen a really incredible gunman? One who almost never misses? One who can punch a hole in the back of someone's head from a mile away? Someone who could, as incredible as it sounds, curve a bullet around cover to hit a target around a corner or through a window on the opposite side of a building? Maybe not. People like that are very rare. But most people who can have this feat.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +6, Dexterity 17, Gunslinger 5, Quick Draw, Personal Firearms Proficiency
Benefit: Having the extensive training involved in acquiring this feat (the prerequisites), a gunslinger who can Curve the Bullet has several outstanding abilities.

Curve the Bullet: As the name suggests, this ability allows a gunslinger to curve a bullet around cover. In order to do so, the gunslinger must expend an Action Point. If they hit their opponent, they completely ignore any and all cover, and deal normal damage. This attack can also be used to take down multiple foes at once. If the gunslinger is attacked by three or more opponents, then, on an automatic kill (Two confirmed criticals), they can opt to hit all of the opponents, but they must first spend another action point and make attack rolls against all of them. The AC of all opponents is raised by two.

Nail the Target: Similar to an Assassin's Death Attack, this ability allows a gunslinger to expend two action points (or more; explained later) to force their target to make a Fortitude save equal to 10 + their gunslinger level + 1/2 their Int modifier (rounded up) + 3/4 their Dex modifier (rounded up) + 1/2 the number of action points spent, or be killed instantly. This attack can be combined with a Curve the Bullet attempt, but the action point cost increases by one. Special: if the gunslinger decides to, they can spend extra action points to increase the DC of the fortitude save.

Lighting Draw: This ability confers the comparatively simple ability to draw any handgun, longarm, or other form of firearm, regardless of size or position on the body, as a free action.
Special: This feat is designed for those who specialize in ballistic combat. After seeing Wanted, this feat seemed perfect for any truly skilled gunman. Please; this feat is designed for people who absolutely specialize in ballistic combat, and is stupid and over-powered in any other usage. However, I did find that it is amusing to use with an Oversized Weapon. It's oddly entertaining to send a bullet the size of a flashlight careening around a wall... but maybe that's just me.

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